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How to Create a Website Complete-Urdu Tutorials

Web Designing tutorial: Easy Guide to Create a Website for Beginners

I want to tell you that what is website before telling creating; it is the combination of web page. A question will be arising in your mind that what are web pages? Pages are those when we make in HTML with basic structure. Many pages link to each other with HTML Link tag then it become a bundle of more pages which is called a HTML website. Now a time, every man want to create a website thoroughly, I will teach you about how to design a website with time to time practically with Urdu video tutorials, dear friend! You often will be heard about web designing, which means “to design the website”.

There are many way to designing which are available in the market. About this topic and many other interesting and knowledge full complete guideline, I will shear with you guys so read below also to learn more…


Creating a website by Urdu Video tutorials

Create a Static website

Static website is that which cannot be change by user as its content, article etc. now a day some number of site which are static, it is very easy to make, but you should have knowledge of html which is the basic step but it is not sufficient but should be a style sheet with it, that is CSS, it help in representing the html element on the browser as its color, width, height layout etc. if you want to create a site in which you will tell to people about your history, experience, about any events etc…

These are some point which related to static site

• It will take some time to create
• It requires cheapest hosting.
• HTML and CSS is used for this purpose.
• Very easy to design & simple coding of html and CSS in notepad or Dreamweaver.
So here you will think that I did not know about HTML and CSS… So don’t worry I have complete tutorials in Urdu. Here is important links for beginners…

HTML complete tutorials in Urdu
CSS complete tutorials in Urdu
Jquery complete tutorials in Urdu

Create a Dynamic website

To creating a website in the dynamically way take a good experience and also chances of error due to large number of web pages with source code. Such of kind site you will have to use programming language as PHP or JavaScript or other programming language. These are following tips/point which is related to dynamic way.

• It will take very long time to create, which depend upon requirements.
• Here hosting will not be cheapest.
• There will be require of HTML, CSS, JS, Data base (MySQL) And PHP.
• Difficult to create than static

Create a website bu Urdu video tutorials

Before Creating your own website

Before developing new tools, it was very difficult to create a website but now day very easy to web designing, but there should be some tips and knowledge. No problems I will clear all things in this article but read it carefully, let’s to read other paragraph abut blogging.

Create a Website with Blogging

Actually it is the free platform and place or space which is provided by some company to their user to use them with specific purposes. It is free platform in which you can create a blog (website) when your blog reach to popular one and good rank in search engine, then purchase a domain name and use a custom domain in your blog in blogger. There are many platforms in which you can create a new blog in some minutes which is not a more time. Some following platforms are given, in which you can join and can make an attractive blog in few minutes.


Learn Complete Blogger tutorials

Learn Blogger SEO tutorials 

These are some site joining it, you can make account then sign in and make new blog selecting your domain name and niche on which you want to writing. Blogger and weebly are free to use but for using wordpress you must have to purchase a domain name and hosting otherwise there will be limited option which will be given to you, but for in blogger case only require domain without hosting because it is product of Google and Google give good facility to their users.

Creating a website with coding

It is an original way, which is more difficult and only expert web developer can develop it, which has a good experience in this field. This method takes very long time although an expert web developer starts to make a site. Pure coding mean, a web developer will start it from its basic structure to end in which HTML is basic language with style sheet (CSS) and also use of programming language like JavaScript, PHP etc. if you want to learn web designing then I suggest you to start from blogging. With time to time I will make template in HTML, CSS with JavaScript with Urdu video tutorials, I think I will be better one for those students who take interest and fond of web designing tutorials in Urdu.

What is Your aim?

1. Way of Make money
2. Way of help to other
3. Represent your great life
4. Sale your Products

There may be many purpose as if you have interesting in “English grammar” which you have good experience and have a best knowledge of it then you can create a website on this topic, after doing all these process, when your site reach to a good rank then apply for Google Adsense or infolinks or any other they will provide ads, you have to put that ads source code to site’s any section or left right side bar, when any user click that ads then there will be money which will be transfer to your Adsense or any other account on which you applied. Here you can make money with your site or blog.

Very great goodness in helping to other peoples with different ways, have you any skills or ability to help to helpless peoples? for examples you have knowledge of medical field so taking this niche and start your job and creating a website about medical in which you will provide different medicines for different diseases, important emergency number or important and genius doctors contact numbers etc, other information which is related to your niche. So it was just an idea which I going to telling you that you can work also like this, medical is the examples there are many other examples you can find around you and within yourself.

It is not sufficient, there are many other niches or topics which are waiting for you, one of them is create own self website include from starting to till in which you can shear to other peoples like your knowledge, skills, important events which you face and more much.


To create a website is good job to earn with different ways as I telling. Many users want to buy any product which they like as digital product or physical, then ready to create a website of such kind which will provide to other people of different products & items, that is called e-commerce. I think guys thinking that it is difficult but very easy according to my opinion just take courage but with this condition when you have any products or items services otherwise don’t try.

After creating your website you have to do its SEO which is very important to do.


I sure you will learn all above article about how to create a website with different ways and other additional information. Every man have a unique skills but he/she don’t know but this is an huge and profitable skill to learn web designing , due to this you can make money from freelancing or from creating your own website.

Taking your important time in learning because every time you have, very important so learn anything which should be best for you, I am learning web designing due to this I also teaching same, If you don’t have any facility to learn web design or have not money then go to internet which give everything knowledge which you want to learn so keep in mind that seriously and interesting play very good rule in learning anything.

Faisal zamir

Faisal zamir

Faisal Zamir is the author of this blog. He is the web designer, web developer, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.

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