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Difference Between Domains vs Web Hosting by Urdu Tutorials

Difference Between Domains vs Web Hosting?

Get answer from me that what is website Domain name?? It is the identification of your website, when you go to idea to create a website then must think about your name of site which should be aim full and remember full because people does not try to search that name which is long and difficult. Domain name is basically, we can call it a website registration.

To learn further about that what is domain name I want to shear a example with you guys which will help to you, e.g. you have a home, here home is a website and its street number, specific address or home owner which define a identification of your home that is called Name of your home but in case of website it is an web address of your site which other may reach to your site following that address.

Can it have different character like numbers, alpha, spacial characters? It is may be combination of different characters or specific characters, my means that DN contains alpha char, numeric char, both alpha and numeric or special char.


When you want to register a domain, first of all you select your web address name then go to D-name search tool. There are many platform which give that facility to search your DN just type your target words and check that it is available are not. You cannot purchase DN which is already taken by other person or company but can purchase same name with different extension.

domain name urdu tutorials video

Domain name have many extensions these are some which are popular as .com, .net, .edu, etc. mostly extension which is worldwide use that is .com. each have same price, may be slightly difference.

D-N provider website

Go Daddy

Learn with video tutorials

Your Domain registration

Its registration have very easy process just go to that platform where offering of domain registration then check it available or not and then add to cart after doing it select your payment process then give information and enjoy with your new DN. Its price very less than you’re thought because it has only $10 per DN approximately per yearly.

What is web hosting?

Do you know what is Web hosting and how does it work, web hosting is the space which require to you when you display your data on the internet using web platform, when you create a website on local server or on your computer system so here not require of any space for offline but must require space in your PC but web hosting is use when you want to upload your website to online server then space or place which require to you that is called web hosting for your website. Web hosts are actually companies or website which provides hosting to other website.

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My means is not to talk about free web hosting and free domain name.

I want to teach you only different between domain name and hosting, just read their definition and you will be able to differentiate it.

These are popular companies which provide hosting for website.

Host Gator
Go Daddy
Just Host
Blue Host

It was my article about domain name and web hosting, I sure that you will have get knowledge from this article, so please shear to social media like facebook, twitter. If you have any question then don’t forget to comment in the below box. If you interest in video tutorials in Urdu then subscribe my YouTube Channel.

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