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Migrate Blogger to WordPress in Urdu Video Tutorials

How to Migrate Blogger to WordPress in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials

In this article you can learn that how to migrate Blogger to WordPress cms in free. If don’t know that how to work on blogger then I have a complete training course on it, in which you will learn from basic to end. Transferring blogger to wp is very easy process but need to take some time in learning as you are reading this article.

blogger to wordpress migration or transfer

After reading this article you will be able to, migrate your blog without taking help form any other.

What is blogger and what is WordPress

Blogger is the Google product in which you can create a blog easily in minutes. There are thousands its templates on the internet in free as well as paid.

Migrate Blogger to WordPress

You will learn with two methods, first is that, you will learn by reading this article , other is that you can learn with Urdu and Hindi video tutorials.

First of all you need to create backup for your blogger blog in xml form after doing this you have to login to WordPress dashboard selecting tools option => import. After getting importer page you need to install blogger tool in the WordPress dashboard. After installing then click on the run importer link. You will get a new page where you will be able to upload your blogger xml form file in your computer.

Now press the upload button then your files will be uploading.

That is process which migrate blogger to WordPress easily.

Now you will learn that how to transfer any blog from blogger to WordPress cms with Hindi or Urdu video tutorials.

Also learn with video tutorials

How to install wp on localhost

How to customize theme in wp

How to reset password in wp

These are two videos for you guys to learn blogger migration to WordPress.

First video contain that how to use WP tools like importer and export.

Here is video tutorial for you to learn with practical work. Watch it giving fully concentration and shear with your social media friends.

WordPress import and export in Urdu & Hindi Video

Video tutorials on migrating blogger to WordPress in Urdu & Hindi

Have you watched tutorials?
Thanks and shear with your social media friends.
What you learnt from this article?
If not then read again or shear your confusion or problem.
Have you website on WordPress?
Are you wanted to transfer blogger content to WordPress?
Then apply this method to do.
Have you any question about this topic which I sheared with you?
Then put your questions in comment box.

I hope that you have learnt from this class and now you will be able to, migrate blogger to WordPress easily.

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