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New SEO Tips and Techniques for Beginner (2018) for website ranking

What is SEO? As you know that I have already a post about SEO tutorials in Urdu before some days, which was basically about introduction to SEO but today I will teach you some important and website SEO tips which are responsible in website ranking. Every work is difficult but only hard worker can make easy, so search engine optimization is become to understand is difficult when you take it easily.

Every man’s wish to improve his/her business, skills, knowledge, income etc due to this they want to do those job or work which are best for him/her. SEO is use to increase your business if you are working in strong niche. This complete tutorials will guide you to increase your ranking thoughts in search engine, below it some point are given which is related to website ranking, these are those SEO tips which are mostly people did not give attention. I sure that you will read it with seriously mode and will shear to your friend.

SEO tips& techniques

1. Domain Name and Hosting

When you take thought to creating a website then you must think about your domain name and hosting which is very basic SEO tips point, when your thought about any field then must focus on that niche and fined a specific keyword which is completely defining your website niche. So domain name play a good rule in search engine optimization rank. So keep in mind it is not sufficient to get focused keyword domain name but with it, should be best provider hosting company like site5, hostgator etc. Actually when you want to get hosting for website ranking must see these two points.

Check customer support, some company did not help their client when they face to problems. When hosting company tries to solve your problem and meet you at every time when you call so that is best hosting company. Not sufficient, read other point…

Other is very best tip is to check theirs up time, if their up time is 99.99% then it is best for you because your site will be on and live. When your website is off for some time then there will be problem for you and visitor and it put very bed effect in ranking it is due to low of up time.

2. Title and Description

Other step is to select your title for your website which must should be short and must contain your primary keyword on which you want to focus. Its length should be less than 50 char or 7 words. Keep in mind that does not repeat your keyword if you want to work properly.

After doing it think about description which is very important for search engine optimization. It should be contain 140 char which completely defined your site topic which are already post in your site. When your description is does not match your topic than it is against the SEO rule & regulations.

3. Use of Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google keyword is playing important rules in SEO. Because it gives a facility to check the keyword CPC and its searches, there are many keyword search tool which give the best ideas relative to keyword, when we want to write an article about any topic then must use the Google keyword or any other it give information about keyword and can take help for best rank.

4. Focus on Selective Keyword

Don’t try to mix your niche, select your keyword and focus on that keyword, because when you focusing one keyword then you will get good rank otherwise you will lose. As you know that one topic make a person expert more topic confuse to him/her. Don’t make a mixture but write an article clean and soft which define a specific purpose to reader. E.g. your selective word is HTML doesn’t try to focus on “English grammar” or relative to news.


SEO tips in urdu hindi

5. Care of Keyword Density

Other hand, keyword density is very important, many people did not care of density they repeat same keyword many time due to this they face to problem and this way is against the search engine optimization rule and regulation. I learnt from my teachers which says that you can use three time same keyword in hundred word, according to this formula 3/100, describing that 3 is your focusing keyword and 100 indicate word in one article. If you decrease your density then it will give a best result to you, I means your content focusing keyword density must should be between 1% and 2%.

6.  Keyword in Heading and Paragraph

This is very common and easy to control your paragraph and heading containing your primary or main keyword which you selected. When you write an article your keyword must be in first heading and paragraph. Except first heading, use of other heading also, when you start paragraph put your keyword after 20 words

7.Increase Your Content

Article skill is the king because it is way or magic to get very huge number of visitor or traffic to your website or blog. So make your habit to increase your content contain some images, video and containing 500 words article which is very best for SEO. If you can write near 1000 words then it is very great skill which you have.

8. Internal Links and Permalinks

Every point increase your SEO rank with tips and techniques and don’t leave any tips even it is lowest. Internal links which is related to your website, these links are linked to your site’s other pages, it also use in getting website ranking. When you make a internal link in one article same time when crawler came to crawling your new page it also crawl that page which is linked to your new page. Other is permalink which is define a URL of the page in tab bar, so write 3 words in permalinks which must contain your primary keyword.

9. Use of Image and Videos

If you examine and check the top of the list website by searching different famous keyword from search engine you will see that all web developer add 3 or more than 3 image and a video in one article which give very additional information. I also use image and video (when require) to get rank. So I suggest to you that all perform work which is use to get top rank including adding image or videos etc then you will success.

Learn how to optimize Images and Videos


SEO tips in real

10. Submit Sitemap to Search Engine

Here is last point which is very great one to submit site map of your website to webmaster tool, each search engine have webmaster tool so they want to see a complete map of your website, there are many tool which are use to generate sitemap for a website then copy and paste into your webmaster account it take some time to indexed.

Submit sitemap to Google

Submit sitemap to Bing


It was my small effort to create article on new SEO tips and real techniques  in which I told you guys about some point which are use to get good rank. SEO tutorials in Urdu video will be provided to all guys very soon from my YouTube channel. This post was without video tutorials because in this article I told to just only some important point to get good rank in search engine.

If you have read all article then implement on your website or blog.

After reading this article please shear with your friends to facebook, twitter or google plus etc.

So if you have any question then give me comment.

Thanks to all dear friends

Faisal zamir

Faisal Zamir is the author of this blog. He is the web designer, web developer, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.

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