Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster in Urdu Video

How to Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorial

When you search through any search engine anything using keyword in the Google search box you get many pages in half of seconds, why you get such pages in very short time? Basically these pages are stored in data base. There is software or bots which work as a crawler. which is very best for SEO because it give a full map to search engine bots. In this post you will learn that how to add sitemap to Google webmaster tool which is very important to add. I have submitted many blogs to Google webmaster tool but today I will teach you that how to add sitemap with Urdu & Hindi video tutorial.

Do you know what sitemap is?

It is the whole map of your website or blog, and this sitemap is need to webmaster tools  for crawling purposes because every search engine have software / bots or spider to crawl the web pages on the internet and then they index to their own data base. So when anyone write keyword in the search engine search box so user get the millions result.

To add sitemap to Google webmaster tool / search console you need to login to webmaster tool and then you will see an option to add new property where you will add your blog then click on add.

add website to google webmaster tool


After doing this you have to complete ownership verification process.

Then you need to add sitemap


add sitemap to google webmaster tool

You have completed all process so wait for crawling and indexing your all pages to Google database.

Here is video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi, you can watch this video to learn with practical work. After watching this video you will be able to add sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

How to Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool in Urdu Video Tutorial

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