Learn Web Designing with Top Three Websites

Top Three Website to learn Web Designing Free

Here guys I will tell you about three website which is best to Learn Web Designing in Urdu or English. I have already checked that sites throughout; simply I say that I learnt all about from these sites. I like and prefer it to all other sites; you will find many tutorials on web designing in Urdu at onlineseekhna.com, but I want to tell other website which are famous and popular, in that website you will find many easy tutorials on HTML, CSS, JQuery etc relative to web development because their author’s language is very simple and clear. Every man wants to learn anything with easily way, because nobody did not want to waste his/her time. So I also did not want to waste your time and teach you about three website which are best for beginners in creating a website.
Tip: Don’t waste your time but do respect existence time


Jan Egil Refsnes is the founder of w3scool.com which is well know world wide website to Learn Web Designing from basic. There are many beginners tutorials are available in this site, if you are beginner and want to learn that how to design a website then start to learning. There are many masters in their filed who are working in the we3school.com site, as Kai Jim Refsnes have a bachelor degree of information technology and write easy lessons for w3school.com. Hege Refsnes work of editing for w3shool.com and write for w3school.com.

w3school.com for web designing

It gives a good facility to reader because they give very easy and more examples about one topic offering you to edit that code and try yourself. Very great option in it for doing practice.

If you don’t know from basic then must start your work with step by step. First of all you must learn its HTML tutorials and so on….
HTML Tutorial
CSS Tutorials

Visit w3school.com

Tutorial point.com to Learning Web Designing

Other site which I going to tell you which my favorite website is. Like tutorialpoint.com not site, better than it. I prefer it to all website which have easily lessons for web development and Web Designing.

Mohtashim M. is the founder of tutorialpoint and Managing Director in it. There many other expert developers are working in tutorial point which has much experience in Web Designing and computer information technology. Raja Rao, Kiran Kumar Panigrahi and more other.

It is also like w3school.com but have many tutorials than w3school.com. Its tutorial about to Learn programming, Web Designing, computers diffident field tutorials and more much,

There are all programming and web designing language are available in tutorial point which are written by different authors in easily way.
Good Point: This website offer to download tutorials in PDF form
There are many people who take interest with it, due to its easy way and fresh content.
2. CSS
3. JavaScript
4. Jquery
5. PHP
Visit TutorialPoint

Learning web designing with Onlineustaad.com

Here is great and successful website in Pakistan to learn web designing in Urdu which offer many courses in DVD form. Abdul Wali is the author of onlineustaad.com which is web designer & web development working since 2009. I also student of Abdul wali because I learn more much from Abdul wali and purchased DVD course, so I also suggest you to visit this website and read article and also watch his Urdu video tutorials on web development or designing.
If you cannot understand than don’t worry there are many tutorials in English which are available on his YouTube channel.

learn web designing by onlineustaad

I think in the whole world Abdul Wali is famous person due to his hard working, Abdul Wali is work on web solution living in Pakistan so must make a relationship to onlineustaad.com if you are serious one.

You can watch its Urdu Video tutorial going to its website onlineustaad.com or its YouTube Channel name is Abdul Wali.

Go to OnlineUstaad.com

So it was my small effort to tell you about top three website to Learn Web Designing to creating a free websites if any question arising in your mind then doesn’t forget to comment. It is your rights to put the question and I will try to solve your problem.

Take care and hard work to achieve any big goal.

Faisal zamir

Faisal Zamir is the author of this blog. He is the web designer, web developer, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.

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  1. i recommend online ustaad i learnd so many new things from him as well i started new blog if admin allows my link you can see it here


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