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Learn HTML with Complete Video in Urdu (Updated)

Learn HTML  (Web Designing)with Complete videos Tutorials in Urdu-Hindi

Do you want to learn web designing in Urdu? So first of all you have to learn HTML and then learn other. Guys! As you know that I have posted previous article about HTML learning complete course in Urdu and Hindi with complete videos, so it is the updated HTML learning (Urdu and Hindi) course in which you will learn from basic level. I believe that this course is best for beginner students.


html video tutorials urdu hindi

I sure that all level of student will understand my method for teaching because I try to deliver lecture in easiest way because I know that there are peoples, which have different ability for picking any topic so I try to teach in easiest way, so watch this web designing course and you will find that I have never watched like this one, because I hard work and created this training course.

What is HTML?

We are learning  Hyper Text Markup Language, which is very easy language from all, it stand for hyper text markup language which is use to create web pages for website, used in web application, used in web documents etc. so keep in mind that this is the basic language when you think that I want to learn web designing.

Some expert web designer says that Hyper Text Markup Language is not a language like PHP, JavaScript but it the techniques to create basic structure for website. It is true that it is not sufficient to become a web designer but need to learn CSS, JQuery and Bootstrap etc.

Learn HTML Free

What you are thinking about this course? It is the free course for those guys whose can understand Urdu and Hindi. I have created different web designing course you can download from my YouTube channel free. Below this paragraph you will see that link for different web designing course in Urdu and Hindi languages.

HTML5  Tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

CSS tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

JQuery Tutorials Urdu and Hindi

These are the following topic / outline which are discussed in HTML tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Editor
  • Tags and types
  • Basic structure for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Element
  • Nested element
  • Heading and
  • Paragraph
  • <hr/> & <br/>
  • Attributes
  • Core Attributes
  • Generic Attributes
  • Formatting
  • Quotations
  • Computer code
  • Comments
  • Color
  • HTML and CSS
  • Links
  • Images
  • Table
  • List
  • Head part
  • Layout
  • File path
  • Block Inline
  • Entities
  • Meta tags
  • Marquee tags
  • Audio and video
  • Form in HTML

Now, Learn HTML with complete playlist Video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Friends! Here is complete playlist which I created for you guys free, if you serious in learning HTML then must watch step by step then I will guarantee that you will get more tips, techniques and knowledge.

This playlist is linked to YouTube so you can go to my YouTube channel and can get more courses in Urdu Hindi in Free, so you will get my YouTube channel link below paragraph otherwise see at top social icon and click on YouTube icon.

If you have any question about this Hyper Text Markup Language course then give comments I will fully try to reply.

If you have any good ideas or suggestion for me then without hesitate shear with me, I will respect your great effort.

At the end! Don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel and like my Facebook page and also follow me on twitter.

Faisal zamir

Faisal zamir

Faisal Zamir is the author of this blog. He is the web designer, web developer, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.

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