seo mistakes for beginners

5 Common SEO Mistakes 2017 Mostly Beginners Make

5 Common SEO Mistakes 2017 Mostly Beginners Make

If you are beginner then you are at right place to understand SEO. Many beginners start their work to rank their website with lack of knowledge due to this they get negative result they don’t know that how search engine do work. So due to this I wrote an article and you will learn 5 common SEO mistakes which should be clear to beginners and they should avoid from these mistakes. There are many SEO tips are discussed by  expert but this article is also relative to that.

seo common mistakes


If you newer in SEO then read my previous article which are very basic tutorials also include video tutorials in Urdu Hindi.

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Following 5 point are discussed that how you can improve or rank your website in search engine. After reading these points, you must apply to your website, and then you will get positive result.

1. Not Searching Keyword

This is very first step to write an article for your website improvement, that how you have to write? Mostly peoples start to write an article without searching keyword. Using different keywords tool like Google planner. There are many tools which are used to get ideas about your target keyword which you want to rank in search engine. For example, Google keyword tool is used to check progress of keyword, its monthly searching in average, competitions CPC  (cost per click) etc. Mostly peoples use this keywords tool, I also used Google planner to get ideas.
Google keyword planner

2. Analyzing Keyword

After searching a keyword, when you reach to a point and collect some keywords related to your post or article then open notepad and paste that selective keywords. So after this point, another stage is come which is to analyze the keyword which is very important to do for getting best result. How you will analyze keywords? There are some points which will help you to analyzing the keywords to get proper keyword for your article.

1. Monthly average searching
2. CPC
3. Competitions

If one keyword have monthly searches is 1000 other hand is 3000 then you will select that keyword which have 3000 monthly searches, it is not enough, so come to next step.

Another is CPC which is called cost per click, it mean, when any user click on your website’s ads then you will get money according to CPC, it may be 1 dollar or more than or less than one dollar.

So also keep it in your mind. When you have keyword searches with 3000 and its CPC is 400(Rupees) and other hand keyword with 1000 have 6000(Rupees). According to my opinion you have to use that keyword which CPC is high. So use that keyword which have best monthly searches and also have good CPC. According to my suggestion 1000 searching is not bed with 6000 CPC. It is also not enough so come to next step.

To check keyword competitions are very must, there are three kinds of competitions for keyword which is low, medium and high. Competition low means very few peoples using this keyword as selective in their website to rank. Medium nature is in between low and high and high competitions means, keywords is very high and mostly peoples use this keyword to rank. Therefor, don’t to try to target this keyword if you are beginners in SEO filed.

3. Keyword Density (According to SEO rule)

Control your keywords and make a limit in an article and remove SEO mistakes. I think very important point that mostly beginners do not give attention due to this they get rank down website in search engine and say SEO do not work properly! Density means how much time you used your keyword in article. Here is formula to check your keyword density which is very useful.

Total words in article divided by target keyword (in number), e.g your keyword is used 5 times in 100 words; here density will be 5%. So question will arise in your mind, how should be proper density? Yes, you can use between 2% to 3%. If you want to exceed this limit you can get warm water and also down your website. So take serious and follow SEO rules regulations. You can check keyword density using online tools but Microsoft word is also best one.

4. Short Article and Low Quality Content

SEO is the name of relevancy, not to fills your article with bundle of keywords… Explain your topic with good examples and description. According to Google SEO.

It is recommended to write long article. When you write article it must should be more than at least 500 words.

You can check from Google, inserting keyword in search box then you will see that mostly website with first page have long content more than 500 words, so you should increase your hand writing speed at least more than 500 words.

Make your target that your article should contain at least 1000 words which is not a great article but best one for beginners. Low quality contents are those which contain not useful information and also incomplete topic discussion.

5. Meta Description

Meta description is very important to understand but mostly beginners during SEO for website doesn’t give attention.

In the description you have to write some text about your article which should be relative to your topic, please keep in mind your description should be under 140 word which is best practice.

Meta description is for search engine but should be target your user. Because when user searches any keyword in search box and get bundle of result. So on Google search result page, user can see the text below the title of the post. It is the description of that post, so your description should be relative to post title.

These are the Common SEO mistakes  but with time to time i will update this article for you guys.


Sure you have read a 5 SEO mistakes which often beginners make so at the result when you have written post then next step is come to these points which I wrote for your guys. When you examine your post then you can get good rank and positive result.

Read carefully again: Guys you will have to read article again and try to remove error which you find.
Request to your friends to read your new article: when your friend read your post and find out mistakes and error then you could correct them.

Check grammar of your articles sentences if you know. if don’t know then find anyone expert man.

Check sapling for your whole article using different tools, according to my opinion Microsoft word is the best application software to find spell error.

After reading this post, I think you will be able to remove SEO mistakes, if you don’t understand in above mention points or have any other question, then give comments below in a section.

Make sure your work like a hard worker then you can get success in every field.

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