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Add Flag Counter to Blogger in Urdu Video Tutorials

How to Add Flag Counter widget to your Blogger Blog with Urdu video tutorial

To add Flag counter is use to check the visitor from different countries. Because it is very necessary to know that who is the your audience because when you are selecting topic before creating blogger blog or using any other platform then must check Google trend tool to get some help about that topic and then you will be able to analyze for that topic.

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Flag counter is the website visitor counter and also give the help in page views counting. Keep in mind that, like to update your blog, to check SEO, same it is also necessary to web analytic because you will get information about your blogger blog traffic or visitor.

That is why we add the flag counter to blogger blog or any other platform to analyzing that who are visiting my blogger blog.

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About Blogger Stats Option

In blogger blog you can use stats option which is by default in blogger dashboard for every blog, it is very best facility for blogger because it give the whole information about your blog, about your audience, traffic source, traffic device which they are using, traffic keyword source etc, but only blogger can see this information but after adding flag counter code to your blogger, all your visitor can check your traffic. Because flag counter is visible to all your traffic.

Now time came to adding flag counter to your blog side bar or any other place so follow these easy steps.

First of all you need to login to your blogger dashboard

Then click below link you will get new page like this one

Then after doing some setting then click …..

Add flag counter to blogger in urdu video tutorial

So enter your email and then get the code

So when you receive the code, do copy and paste to blogger dashboard layout section and open a new gadget for HTML/JavaScript content box. So after doing this process go to blogger blog and refresh the page you will get your flag counter widget and enjoy with it.

I think you will be learnt to adding website traffic counter, if you don’t understand I added a video tutorial in Urdu Hindi language if you can understand these languages then watch this video and learn with practical work.

How to Add Flag Counter widget to your Blogger Blog in Urdu-Hindi

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