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Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Blogger in Urdu Video

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button to Blogger with Urdu Hindi video Tutorial

My favorite video shearing website is the YouTube because it is the Google’s product and easy to use with good option. I have told you that how you can add facebook follow button and twitter button to your blogger blog but today you will learn that how to add YouTube subscribe button to blogger.

Because it is very important to add, it have very benefit. Are you using YouTube? Do you have YT Channel? If yes then add YouTube subscribe button to your blogger.

Your subscribers will be increase and hence you will get more traffic to your website because mostly peoples use YouTube to get video course and they find the instruction in the description then they come to your website.

There are some step which you have to follow for adding YouTube subscribe button.

First of all you need to create YouTube channel if you have already then don’t worry.

Then click below link.

There will be open page like thisadd youtube subscribe button to blogger

As you are seeing there are some option in this page like channel name or ID, Layout, Theme and Subscriber count.

In the ID box you need to paste your own channel ID from your YouTube channel like this

Then copy and paste to channel name box.

You can set layout setting; it has two values default and full, so set it default.

Other is Theme setting which have also two values default and dark so it depends upon your website theme or depends upon your choice.

If you want to show the subscriber counting in number then set it default, so after doing these basic setting then copy the source code and then go to your blogger dashboard=>layout and select new gadget and then select HTML/JavaScript content box so paste that code.

After saving all changes go to your blogger blog and refresh the page you will get YouTube subscribe button.

If you have any problems to adding your YouTube subscribe button then inform me.

I will help you, so guys for your help I added Urdu and Hindi video tutorial then watch this video tutorial. Surely, you will get more information and knowledge also with learn practical work.

Add YouTube subscribe Button to Blogger in Urdu Hindi video tutorial

I hope that you can add YouTube official subscribe button to your website or blogger now.

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