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What is backlink in SEO with Urdu & Hindi Video tutorials

What are Backlinks in SEO  (Search engine optimization)with Urdu & Hindi Video tutorials

Website are good to look but content is not good to read. Search engine optimization process is slow process but fast relevancy process. Do you know what are backlinks in SEO. We often use this word that how to get quality backlink, generating backlinks for new website to increase domain authority as well as page rank etc. As you have learnt about SEOs different terms. That terms are very necessary to learn as well as to apply on website.

what are backlinks in SEO urdu


Can you define it that what is this?

It is link of your website which is on other site when user click on that link come to your website. It has good importance because it increases site traffic as well as site ranking monthly.

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What is Backlinks in SEO example?

When you copy your website link and past into social media sites in the section of submit a link or to do bookmark then this is the backlink of your website because it is referring to your site. When any one wants to come to your website then easily visitor just clicking.

Mostly SEOs students want to learn this techniques to get positive or real time traffic. To get traffic is very necessary to have for a website. that is why your site get ranked in search engine and get google first page which is difficult to get for beginners student but become easy when you start work.

So keep in mind that there may be some ways which generate backlink for your website which is illegal way.

So there are may be quality or natural SEO backlinks and other hand bad linking.

What are Dofollow link vs nofollow links

There may be possibilities that links which is dofollow it means when crawler come to your site and find link which is dofollow then linked page must crawled by search engine bots or spider.

If your website link is nofollow it means search engine will not crawl that page which is linked to that page.

If you don’t understand that here is complete and comprehensive guides on dofollow and nofollow discussion which is totally free of cost.

Your content is full of knowledge users want to interact with your quality content so you also need to improve your content and do SEO for your website to share your knowledge easily.

So there are many ways to do this, some of them I want to share with you which are mostly used by SEO expert. So let’s start.

Doing blog commenting

You can get hundred of website on which you can do comment and get links

Donning social bookmarking on social website

How to get quality backlinks

Article submission is another best way to get real and organic traffic which is so professional way

Sharing video on YouTube and give a website link in the description which is totally free and easily to do

Sharing photos on different website which give back a link to you

Give answer to question relative to your fields on quora, yahoo answer, Microsoft etc

Create WordPress widget, WordPress theme in which you can give website link

Wardress Plugins

Urdu & Hindi Video tutorial on what are Bakclinks in SEO that quality, natural and good one.

Thanks to watch video tutorial which is not in Urdu & Hindi language because I have not uploaded to my YouTube channel very soon I will upload to my channel first then I will share with you in this post. I think you will get more SEO tips and techniques which are responsible to get more traffic. And to improve good website performance.

Surly I have told you that what are SEO backlinking which is very necessary to do if you want to improve your website ro want to get real traffic.

If you have any question relative to about topic then mention in below comment section.


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