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Blogger SEO tips 2017 Ranking Factors

Blogger SEO Tips 2017 to Improve Blog

As you know that I have told you in previous articles about SEO and tips and also told you guy that common SEO mistakes so today I will teach you that how you can do SEO for blogger with good tips and tricks and make a good rank in Google search engine and other also. If you can do work in blogger then it is for you, if you don’t know then you can watch my complete blogger video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi languages which are basic to blogging tips for you guys. So watch that course if you really want to learn blogging with me then read this article Blogger SEO tips all and implement on your blog so you will get benefit of it in search engine.

blogger seo tips in urdu hindi


There are many platforms where you can publish your blog and can shear your ideas, knowledge or suggestion to whole world creating a blog; same like this blogger is also best platform do this, so let’s start to do Blogger SEO tips.

These are the Blogger SEO Tips Which You Have to Follow to Get Best Result.

Read following great tips which will help you to improve your blog. these are the selective SEO factors but with time time i will tell you another tips also. so keep reading carefully.

1# Optimize Blog Post Titles

It is very important to optimize post title because when any user search any post giving relative to your blog keyword then user get your post at the first page or any other when user want to click to your blog post then he/ she check that here is some confusion to your post, which confusion ? The confusion is that when your blog post appear in search engine page before post title here it make confusion to user. It shows the blog title instead of post title. This confusion is in the old blogger theme but now a day has removed, yet, you faced to this issue then go to your blogger dashboard and edit your theme in html format then find this title which is showing below

Search this line in the theme source code


Then replace it by following coding, and then save all changes.


<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

2# Image Optimization

Images are very important to use in post to give further information about your post topic to reader. In Blogger SEO tips, keep in mind that when you are inserting images to your blog post then remember some points which are given below.

  1. Use alt attribute and include target keyword (it is good Blogger SEO tips)
  2. Use title attribute and include target keyword
  3. Use high quality image
  4. Use both JPG and PNG extensions images

Read this article to get complete information to optimize image in right way

3# Search Engine Submission

When you created a blog and after 5 or 6 post then generate your sitemap using online tools or if you have blogger blog then use this URL to get sitemap for you blog.

Then you will get your sitemap in the XML form where you will see your all post.

Basically sitemap is your blog whole map, so this map needs to submit to search engine because crawler need such sitemap because crawler want to crawler your blog post to index to their data base.

Submit sitemap to Google Urdu Video

Submit sitemap to Bing in Urdu Video 

4# Internal Linking SEO

It is very best tips in Blogger SEO because it help the search engine crawler as well as your readers. Very important to create internal links in your blog post because when you create internal linking in your post to another article so here are many benefit to doing this.

When reader came to your article and see other link in that article which are relative to first article then reader can go to another article and that is why page views increase and also decrease in bounce rate that is why your blog get good rank using this SEO tips in blogger blog.

Hence you will get more traffic to your website or blog.

Other benefit is that when you create internal link in an article to another article then use rel=”dofollow” attribute this is for search engine crawler, during crawling first article it will crawl that page which linked to first article, that is why crawler remain more time on your site.

5# Enable Meta Description and Post Search Description

When you create a blog, by default Meta description and post description disabled you have to enable it first.

Description is very impotent to write for whole website or blogger blog and also for each post because it is for search engine, we have to inform to search that my blog is about to this as I written in description same like this we have to write description for each post. It must be between 130 to 145 characters.

When any user searches your post in the search engine it sees your description of your post which you gave.

6# Custom Robots.txt

Here is another SEO tips for your blogger which is very important to do.  Robot.txt file is very important to add to your blogger blog.

It is the text file in which you give the instruction to search engine bots about crawling. If you did not want that crawler index my page so you can give the instruction in text form in that robot .txt file then add.

Search engine will behave to your site according to robot file so must give attention to this file. It can destroy your site and also can improve your site.

You can add sitemap to robot file to index your all web pages in search engine.


At the end! I have told you Blogger SEO tips so if you have any question about this article then shear with me giving comment below box. I will update my article with time to time. After reading this article you must have to implement to your blogger blog if you want to do SEO in real way.

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