Blogger seo video tutorials in urdu & hindi

Blogger SEO Complete Video Tutorials Urdu & Hindi

Blogger SEO Complete Video Tutorials with Blogging tips in Urdu & Hindi

Hello Friends! As you know that I have completed my complete Blogger tutorials in Urdu and Hindi languages I hope you will be learnt from my course. Today you will learn Blogger SEO with video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi with complete course because it is not a paid course only free course for you. in this post you will find a complete video playlist about Blogger SEO in Urdu at the end of article so I suggest you that must watch that tutorials if you really want to improve or to get good rank in search engine especially in Google search engine for you new Blogger blog.

blogger video seo in urdu hindi


Here is Some Explanation About this Blogger SEO Tutorials that what you will Learn.

First of all you will be need to create your first Blogger and then start its SEO so if you don’t know that how to create a blog first time then you can watch my complete Blogger tutorials in Urdu Hindi languages.

This complete course is divided into two parts. Both are very important to learn.

  1. OnPage SEO
  2. OffPage SEO

OnPage  Search Engine Optimization 

1. Think about topic

You will learn that which important point should be you remember before creating a blog because it is the first step in search engine optimization and form here you SEO is start. Attempt this step with full attention because this point can success you quickly.

2. SEO friendly theme for Blogger

How you can pick a good theme which satisfy the search engine and user. then watch this Urdu video tutorial to get more knowledge for selecting theme.

3. Blog name  

4. Blog Title

5. Post Title

6. Permalinks

7. Enable Meta description

 8. Post and blog description?

9. Adding custom robots.txt file

10. Submit Sitemap in Google webmaster tool and Bing

Very great practice to use Google webmaster tool to get information about your site such as site security issues, crawling problems, linking info, about audience and much more, So in these Blogger SEO video tutorials you will learn easily adding sitemap to Google and Bing webmaster tool in Urdu Hindi languages.

11. How to submit Sitemap in Bing webmaster tool

Sitemap is the complete map of your blog and very necessary to add to webmaster tool that spider or crawler software came to your site and index all pages in their data base. After submitting sitemap, crawler came to your website in order to index all pages into database. You need to submit map to google webmaster tool as well as Bing.

These are two free lesson to get start your work.

Sitemap to Bing webmaster tool

Sitemap to Google webmaster tool

12. Optimization for video

Videos are very  important to add your in every post because user like such media file and they get more info from your video, so add video in your post and learn that how to upload properly with SEO techniques in this complete course in Urdu & Hindi.

13. Optimization for image

Very important to rank your image in Blogger post. Because image are very informative to user. It provide information about article topic.

So another part of Blogger SEO tutorials in Urdu and Hindi  videos is here!

OffPage  Search Engine Optimization 

  • Directory submission
  • Blog directory
  • Blog comment
  • Social book marking

Complete Blogger SEO video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

At the end of article!  I am very thankful to you that you read this article about blogging. I hope that you will be learnt that how to do SEO for any Blogger blog and how we can get good rank in search engine using white hat SEO techniques.

So if you have any question about this Blogger SEO tutorials then ask me giving below comment or using this email ([email protected]).

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Most important links are here for you guys

Add flag counter to Blogger

Add facebook or twitter button to Blogger

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Thanks to all dear friends.

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