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Complete PHP Video Tutorials 2018 in Urdu & Hindi

Complete PHP Video Tutorials (Web Development Tutorials ) 2018 in Urdu & Hindi

Mostly web development and web design students take interest to

learn PHP because it is very necessary to learn. This article

contains a complete PHP tutorials series in Urdu & Hindi video for

you guys to learn from basic level. After this course I will create

different project which are developed in PHP and MYSQLi with source


Before getting Video course introduction to PHP

PHP is the Hyper Text Pre Processor language and open source

language because everyone takes part to learn and to work. It

is the programming language like JavaScript and other one.

Difference between JavaScript and Hypertext Pre Processor  is the JS is client side

scripting language but Hypertext Pre Processor  is the server side scripting language

because to run such language we need a server. Today, it became

very popular in the web development world because it uses to

create dynamic website, web application, desktop application,

creating CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc and also there are millions websites which are developed by this programming language. Now a day, every one wants to learn web development so that is why this complete PHP course in Urdu & Hindi is best for those


PHP Tutorials in Urdu and Hindi Outlines

What you will learn in this course? It is first course relative to

web development but I have created other video tutorials like

HTML, CSS, JQuery etc but today I am shearing with you

PHP tutorials in Urdu and Hindi.

It is very simple and easy to understand one course so that

everyone can take class from my course. With PHP tutorials,

it is very necessary to learn MYSQL (Database) but

in this course it is not included but with time to time I will include it.

You can get daily update from my YouTube channel about video tutorials

in Urdu & Hindi.

So these are the outline for this PHP tutorial series in Urdu Hindi videos.

  1. What is PHP?
  2. Its Installation process
  3. Basic Syntax Overview
  4. Variable
  5. Data Types
  6. How to do Comments
  7. Constants
  8. Operator and Types
  9. How to use If and else command
  10. Switch command
  11. Loop and Types
  12. Functions
  13. Arrays and types
  14. Strings
  15. Form & GET and POST Method
  16. File Inclusion
  17. Files & I/O
  18. Cookies
  19. Sessions
  20. Sending Emails
  21. File Uploading

Before watching this course you need to learn HTML if you have knowledge

for it then don’t worry you can learn PHP easily.

Thanks to read!

Now watch Complete PHP Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Thank you to watch PHP web development complete course in Urdu,

I hope that you will have learned from this course.

Thank you to watch!

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After watching complete video series, I sure you have learnt about

web development with programming language

(server side scripting language). After this course, I will give you a

suggestion to learn MySQLi( structured query language) database

which is very important to learn because today every application

and website are using database so that is why you also need to learn

database.If you want to learn MYSQLi (database query language) then

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If you have any question or confusion about this course then without

hesitate shear with me in comment section.

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