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Content Management System (CMS) in Urdu Video Tutorial

What is WordPress Content Management System (CMS) in Urdu Video Tutorial

As you know that you have learnt WordPress with complete video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi languages. In this post you will learn CMS system. Basically it is stand for Content Management System which gives the facility to publish your content, editing content, updating and deleting that content. There are many CMS system in the internet world like Drupal or Joomla etc.

content management systems in urdu hindi


Like others WordPress is also content management system (CMS) in which you can easily publish your content without knowing programming languages like PHP or JavaScript or designing languages like HTML CSS JQuery etc.

There are many advantage of this system because using this system you don’t need to learn programming languages like PHP, Python or JavaScript etc, even you don’t need to learn HTML CSS etc. but you need to learn that how to edit, delete or update your content.

When you use WordPress, you checked that it is free tool, open source and everybody can use it without taking permission from developer or anyone. it is easiest way to create blog or different kind of websites.

Some peoples cannot learn HTML or CSS to design a website or to create a website. But such kind of tools or software like WordPress CMS system helps those peoples to create blog or website easily within minutes.

Here are urdi video tutorials for you guys to understand content management system. So watch this video if you want to learn.

Content Management System (CMS) in Video Tutorial (Urdu & Hindi)

After watching this video, you will be able to understand that what is CMS?

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