corel video studio tutorials urdu

Corel VideoStudio pro x2 Video tutorials Urdu-Hindi

Corel VideoStudio pro x2 in Video Urdu-Hindi tutorials

Hello guys! Today I will teach you about video editing software which is Corel VideoStudio pro x2 in Urdu Video tutorials it is complete editing software course in Urdu which is freely providing to you by me( Faisal Zamir).  There is many other version of Corel Studio pro x2 but I will teach you pro x2. It is a video mixing software one, which is mostly use in the world having powerful effect for media(images, video, audio).

corel video studio tutorials urdu

It is fully matched with Ulead Video Studio 10, I have best experience using Ulead Studio 10 which is basic editor software for beginners .

it is not Ulead studio tutorials guys but sure it is similar to this. There are many editing software are available in the internet which work on international level.

So are you thinking about strong editor software which fulfillment of you so that is one of them which work full on demand of user, just take courage to install on your computer system.

Paid Version

Corel VideoStudio pro x2 is the paid software but you can use it trial version for 30 days ,which is not short days for you to learning, not difficult, I am also using its trials version because I did not want to purchase its premium version. I can complete my work in 30 days.

As you know that video mixing is very large field in the world, which is very best skill which is easy to develop, just take courage and install program after doing it you can watch my Urdu tutorials or any other expert, I sure you will success here.

But many people are want to learn mixing software in easily way but they failed to find such easily training, so I made this complete tutorials on Corel Studio for Video pro x2 in Urdu-Hindi in very cool way.

Image Editing

Other best feature in the software is to edit the image and make very beautiful image using some tools, except it, there are many effect are available in this software you can apply effect on your simple image to make attractive one.

Audio Editing Software

It is very good feature in it that is audio editing; you can record your own voice, and also you can work on custom record voice as its audio affect like echo, reverb etc., then you will be able to work on it. It has also other feature which can convert your mp4 file to audio file.

Make money with editing software as Corel Studio pro x2

Before it to tell you a best way to make money that you can watch my tutorials which are basically on make money in Urdu which can help of every man to make pocket money as well as large amount of money.

One way which I want to tell you, when you become a best and good video editor mixer then you can work online on freelancing website like Fiverr, upwork etc. So for this point of view its importance go on increasing. So it will help you in different fields because it is an international job as well as skills.

This list is referring to my playlist which is given below these point which will discuss in my complete course in Urdu & Hindi so don’t ignore to watch for best skill.

Introduction to Corel VideoStudio
Working in library portion
How to use cutting tools in Corel Studio
How to use converter of Corel
How to use painting creator
Work on multiple images
Work on multiple audio
How to work on title and set it
How to capturing
How to set the static logo and animated logo
How to convert Corel project to different mp4 or mp3 file
And more much…

Complete Corel VideoStudio pro x2 Tutorials in Urdu Video

So tell me about your feeling after attempting my complete video tutorials?

Have you watched complete tutorials on Corel VideoStudio?

Are you ready to work on it? Are you wanted to learn more about Corel Studio?

Thanks to my dear students to give time to read this useful article to learn best skill. Above complete playlist is totally freely provided to you to learn. If you think, it is opportunity which is given to you.

You have to get this opportunity. Because there are courses which are available on the internet, mostly paid course. But for those students whose did not have money to purchase, then join this course.

Official website Corel


I will create a complete course on any other software with time to time but on this time I am working another topic which is not related to editing software so due to this I cannot make this time, but be sure I am with you and your company so I am waiting of your question, so please comment for great suggestion to me I will appreciate your great efforts.

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