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How to customize WordPress theme in Urdu video

How to Customize WordPress Theme with Urdu video tutorial

Why it is important to customize WordPress theme? Before its answer this article is for those whose have learnt that how to create WordPress website and have one installed WordPress on domain name or localhost. So now you can customize your WordPress theme as you want to display. When you install WordPress theme then you needs to do some its configuration because by default it have basic setting and you need to make theme according to your requirements.

In this post you will see a video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi languages, watching that video tutorial you will be able to understand that how you will customize WordPress them in right way.




What you can change in WordPress website?

As you know that WordPress is open source platform using wp you can make any kind of change as you wish but you should have knowledge of PHP programming language.

You can change website theme, just click on the change option and choose theme as you want to upload.

You can set website identity in which you can write website title and tagline. In this section you can also set site lion from your computer.

Color matching is very important to set properly because it makes a user friendly environment. So give attention here. Use only those colors which should be simple not complicated.

You can set header image with attractive banner from your computer, before creating banner for your website must set height and width as according to your theme.

You can also add a header video form your computer or using YouTube link.

There are bundle of wp widget, you can adjust in your theme as you want, like calendar, to showing recent comments, showing recent posts, social links etc.

Even everything you can customize in WordPress theme.

Now watch video tutorials to learn more about customization of WordPress theme.

How to customize WordPress theme in Urdu & Hindi

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