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Delete Blogger Blog Permanently in Urdu Video

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently with Video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

There are many blogging platforms which offering to create a new blog, like other platform Blogger is also best platform to publishing blog on the internet; Blogger is the product of Google. I have created complete Blogger video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. But today I will tell you that how to delete blogger blog permanently. In this post you will find a video tutorial in Urdu Hindi for you guys, so watching video tutorial you can get more info with practical work with step by step, so keep reading.

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Why you deleting your blog permanently?

It may have some reasons.

Your have blog have adult content and want to delete all blog and start from new one

Want to clean your blogger account so due to this you deleting dummy blog

There may be some other reasons when you erase blog permanently due to some issues which you faced. Actually, in this field you often face different difficulties etc. I don’t know what is reason with you!

Follow some step to delete your blogger blog

First of all login to your account and get dashboard.

Then select the blog which want to delete permanently as you seeing below picture.

delete blogger blog permanently in urdu

After selecting that blog then go to setting and then basic option you will find such page as below picture

urdu video Delete blogger blog

Then you will find the option remove your blog so click on delete blog and save all changes.

Then check your all blog list you will find that blog which is listed to your all blog then again click on that blog, here you will find two option telling you that do you want to delete blogger blog permanently? You can undelete otherwise permanently after clicking on the permanently delete option you will not be able to undo again. So take care during deleting your blog.

So if you cannot understand after reading above article then for you guys I added Urdu Hindi tutorials in video then watch video and learn with practical work with me.


How to delete blogger blog permanently in Urdu & Hindi Video tutorial


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