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Design a Website with HTML & CSS in Urdu Video Tutorials 

How to Design a Website with HTML and CSS in Urdu-Hindi Tutorials 

If you have knowledge of  basic HTML and CSS then you need to learn that how to create a website template which is very easy to do. But it becomes very difficult when you are not seriously. So guys! In this post you will learn that how to design a website with videos tutorials in Urdu Hindi languages. Mostly peoples from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh know Urdu and Hindi so great opportunity for those peoples.

This post contain eight (8) video tutorials in which I am teaching that how you can design a website with HTML and CSS with live examples. I am also providing free source code for this template. So if you want to get this template’s source code then inform me I will send you (inform me at [email protected]).

There is no need to have knowledge of other designing languages like JQuery or Bootstrap framework but should have knowledge of basic HTML and CSS.


design a webiste in urdu video tutorial

More About Web Designing

To design a website you need to learn HTML because it uses to create a web pages or web documents for a website. So it is the techniques to create basic layout or structure of a website. If you are beginners and don’t know HTML and CSS first of all you will have to learn these basic language and style sheet.

But don’t worry I have free course for you guys so click below link to make strong your basic level then watch these eight videos for designing a website.

Learn HTML in Urdu Hindi

Learn CSS in Urdu Hindi

HTML is the hyper text markup language. It use to create a website  and it work on tags which is represented by starting angle bracket and closing angle bracket. Further you can learn watching my complete free course.

CSS is the Cascading style sheet which is use to design a website or HTML elements. You can make user friendly templates using CSS. Even you can create responsive site with CSS knowledge. Due to this, click abovelinks to learn complete about style sheet with Urdu video tutorials.

Free Classes for Blogging in Urdu & Hindi

If you interested to learn Blogger then click below link and learn from basic level.

Complete Blogger video tutorials in urdu and hindi

Complete WordPress video tutorials in urdu and hindi

This course have one hour duration which is very long time. Therefore, you will learn more things as new tips, techniques, knowledge and to design a website. These are the topics which are discussed in this playlist.

  • Creating basic layout for template
  • Working on header
  • How to create navigation or main menu
  • Working on left side bar
  • Understanding main content
  • Creating footer section
  • Complete in last summery

Here is a complete playlist so watch carefully and learn from this course. Keep in mind that must watch step by step. First of all watch all videos and then again watch first video and open your notepad and write coding as I wrote in this course.

Design a Website with HTML and CSS in Urdu-Hindi Tutorials 

So this post is about to design a website. I sure that you will learnt from my this complete course. So if you have any good ideas, suggestion or knowledge and want to shear with me I will respect you great effort.

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