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Why You Fail To Make Money Online by Urdu Tutorials

Why You Fail To Make Money Online On Internet By Urdu Video Tutorials

Mostly peoples want to make money online from different country following different ways. Because there are many ways to make extra income and also huge business. In this article I will tell you that why you fail to make money online on internet. I have written article that how you can make money online with different ways like from YouTube, blogging, Google Adsenese, affiliate marketing etc. I think you know that what is about this article?.

I will tell you different point which makes cause for failure, if you seriously to earn then read complete article and ask question about this article I will answer.

fail in making money


Evert point will be explained one by one, so keep read and implement on your thoughts and improve your skills

1. Not Proper Guideline

Very great and basic point is that you don’t know that how I can make money online or you have lack of knowledge about this field due to this you fail to earn money. According to my opinion you should get knowledge then try to start your work .

E.g If you want to work with freelancing but you don’t know how it work and how we take order for client surly you will get negative reviews. According to my opinion you should get proper guideline form expert, then start your work, when you start work online without any knowledge or with lack of knowledge you must get lose.

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2. Not Attempting Properly

Attempt any work heartily and don’t waste your time. I will give you an example when you working with freelancing. When you create a logo for your client then must understand that this is the last logo in my life then you will give full attention and with full concentration.

When you get any work from online or offline, then must take it seriously. Due to not seriously you can get warm result.

 3.  No Interesting

You did not give interesting in doing online work, when you do not give time to your project then you cannot make money online, because in freelancing or in other ways you have to give time. Some peoples says that we want to work but have no time to spent because they think that we will make money online doing nothing which is myth

4. No Skills

Very very important step, that what you know or what you have skill. Many people start freelancing or any other work but they don’t know that work’s reality.

There are many examples in the world of different peoples that they create account at fiverr to make money online and give services about web designing OR web development.

So here when they receive any order form client telling him, I am finding a web designer / developer which can help me to create a attractive template having skills HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap JQuery.

Due to this,  here he worried because he / she don’t know completely web designing skill but only have little knowledge of HTML and believe that I am web designer.

Therefor, try to understand my thoughts that what I am talking about. So here he will get negative reviews because he she don’t about his / her services.

So select skill which 100% you can work with.

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5. Proper Skill Select

There are many topics using that you can work, but keep in mind, you should have knowledge about that topic properly.

If you understand that I have a skilled of web designing and can work online, so here before working on freelancing or with any company, must check self knowledge that really you know or not.

Some peoples show that they are web designer but they don’t know what is HTML  and CSS or JQuery Bootstrap.

In the short word I want to say that select that topic or skill which you can do 100%, and have great knowledge with good experience

6. No Experience

Experience is the experience which is very must to get.

If you have knowledge all about but you don’t know that how I can practical work it means you cannot work online to make money because it is not sufficient to have knowledge about anything but have also experience in that topic or field.

Like mathematics, if you have knowledge in the form of theory but don’t know that how I will attempt question to solve practical, same like this, in field of internet.

If you want to make money online you must have to do practical work then you will get experience you will not be fail.

So these were point for those peoples whose are beginners and those whose working but fail to make money online through freelancing also with others ways

If you have any question about failing in making money online , without hesitation you can contact with me or can comment in the below box I will answer.

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