google xml Sitemap in urdu

Google XML Sitemap in SEO with Urdu Video Tutorials           

Google XML Sitemap in SEO with Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials           

Search engine optimization is useful & free techniques to improve your business or website / Blog. Today, I will teach you about Google Sitemap xml, how to work with your website, how to generate, how to submit Sitemap to Google webmaster tool to check website pages indexing performance.

xml sitemap in seo in urdu


In this post you will find best SEO lessons which are totally free of cost for you as beginners.

SEO course in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials

Are you thinking what is sitemap and it’s important in website ranking in search engine?

Site map is the xml format file in which URL of your websites pages are stored. This file can be find directly in URL. http://yourwebsitename/sitemap.xml , in the place of yourwebsitename you need to mention your own website name then press ok, there will be open a new page in which you will find different website pages URL. Please try it.

Website optimization using XML Sitemap

Yes, you can optimize website using this file, because this file aims is that to inform search engine crawler about individually web pages URL. When you submit this file in Google webmaster tool or any other, after submitting, a crawler come to that website and indexes all the pages which you gave using sitemap xml file.

So due to this process, website optimized and make more users for you.

Before submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tool you need to submit site to Google which is very important to do.

Below paragraph can be helpful for you to understand properly.

How to submit site to Google in Urdu Video Tutorials

It is very easy process to submit site (website or blog) to search engine like Google or yahoo Bing. Below this article you will find video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi which will help you to understand in right way.

When you create a website you need to inform search engine that I created a site. Then search engine bots software will come to that website to crawl and index.

Famous Sitemap generator tools

As you know that map is very important to create for a blog because map is totally define you website / Blog and search engine easy to find all the content on that website or blog.

There are many tools online which generate sitemap for your website or blog. Then you need to submit to webmaster tool. I searched on the internet and got many tools which will be helpful for everyone as beginners.

So let’s start to check one by one!


These are the few best tools which will be great full, check these tools one by one. If you have any problems to generating map for you website using above tools then ask question to me in following comment box I will help you.

WordPress sitemap generator Plugins

If you are WordPress user then it is very easy to generate map because you need to find best Plugins for that purpose to make map. You did not need to find, I am telling best WordPress Plugins which generate sitemap xml to optimize website.

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Following are the best Plugins which will help you to create map for website content, so try these Plugins to get such features.

I used Google XML map which is the best for me, I also recommend to use  this Plugins. But Yoast SEO is also best one Plugins which give these features for WordPress user to create a full map for website content.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. XML Sitemaps

So let’s start to check 1 by 1!

SEO xml Sitemap for website optimization in Urdu & Hindi video tutorials

If you have watched this video tutorial, I hope that you have learned from this video. If you want to learn more about SEO (search engine optimization ) then subscribe this YouTube channel which is totally free courses provider even Paid course.


What you learnt from this article?

If you not understand that what is Google xml sitemap properly then ask to me in following comment section I will help you (InshaAllah).

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