Advanced keyword Research

Advanced keyword Research strategies in SEO with Video tutorials

Advanced keyword research strategies in SEO with Video tutorials

This article is for all kind of student’s beginners, intermediate and expert also. Before going original topic of this article, I want to share some basic point and want to clear basic concept, as you know that you want to do keyword research for getting best result. It is also true that you want o do white hat SEO. Then you are on right place to get desired knowledge.

Keyword Research strategies


Actually SEO is the best way and original way to get organic and high traffic to your new website or blog. Everyone can make an awesome website or blog but they unable to get traffic to their new website, it is true. For this reason they left blogging. But keep in mind if want to work serially then don’t left two things one is the patient 2nd is the handwork.

In this post I will tell you that you can do keyword research to get good SEO keywords for your website.

So keep reading carefully and think about each one then apply on your website.

  1. It is very common way, think about your company which you want to launch on the internet. You don’t know that how your users find your company products or service, when you reach to know people’s words then focus on that words that are best SEO keywords.
  2. It is also very common point which is that your company will have some competitor company. You can find competitor keywords to apply on your company or website.
  3. When you search on Google you get numbers of suggestion which can help you to reach required information. See below image to understand best.

Keyword research is not difficult but many SEO beginners student take make it difficult because they did not want to learn or did not give time to learn. So keep reading and get knowledge from these basics and important points.

  1. You can use best free keyword research tool to get best ideas which can help you in getting good result in search engine. There are many key word research tools but Google planner is mostly used so check it.

I think these points are enough for SEO students to make a good concept that how you can find words for your post, article even website.

I sure that you have learnt, if you don’t understand then here is Video tutorial link which can help you to know better way.

How to do keyword research in SEO

(I know that this video is not in Urdu & Hindi language, if you can understand English then best for you otherwise I will add video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi very soon).

If you have understood that how you can find best words or to do keyword research for best SEO rank then share this post to other your friends. Because more students will learn from this lesson.

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