how to write an article

How to write an article with search engine optimization tips

How to write an Article with Search Engine Optimization tips

Search engine optimization lessons are very helpful to everyone my beginners students in this blog. Time to time, I shared real time organic SEO beginners tutorials. In this post you will learn that how to write an article properly which satisfy the users as well as all search engines. Mostly users and beginners students absolutely make mistakes when they open notepad or ms office in order to writing an SEO  friendly content.

how to writing an articles

Don’t worry about these mistakes because surely you will learn each and every thing from this article. But there is some things which you have to must do. If you did not give then you cannot achieve good rank for website or blog properly.

Want to become a GOOD Content Writer?

I hope you have learnt search engine optimization from any source on the internet. If you want to learn SEO from this blog which are very easy in Urdu & Hindi languages then available.

SEO Course from in Urdu & Hindi

Blogger optimization

Learn How to write an Article BUT Introduction to SEO first!

Before reading that points which are soul of your blog posts to become a good rank.  In this section I want to share some basic concept of SEO.

Basically, it is not a paid tool or techniques. It is very easiest way to do digital marketing or online marking on the internet world. According to my own experience opinion, it is best one technique to cover your audience on the whole world. It is not difficult but need to do more work.

SEO is the organic and real time free source to optimize your original content on the internet search engine. It is the name of to satisfy the search engine as well s your reader or audience or users.

We did not share its explanation, because we have discussed in another lesson. You can join that class free of cost.

What is SEO AND How it does work

Off page optimization and On page optimization

How to do optimization properly for website  

Now, you can learn apply on your blog posts to improve really ranking in Google search engine and other also.

How to write an SEO friendly content or article

1 . Keyword researching using best tools

It means you have to more work to get good rank on the SERP (search engine rank page). You cannot get good benefit of search engine optimization techniques.

It is very more power method to advertise your blog SEO friendly content. There are many keyword research tools which are available on different websites. Those tools are more power full to get different ideas before writing an article for SEO friendly.

keyword research to seo friendly content

Google keyword research tool can help you to get more re searchable keywords. When you think about researching a keyword, and then copy that key word and paste into Google planner tools. This tool will generate different relative keywords which will best for your content.

2. Target on one SEO keyword

It is most important points which can improve website posts performance. According to expert, if you want to get more traffic from search engine doing proper search engine optimization then target target target…. On keywords.

What you read? Yes it is true which great helful is but we did not give fully attention.

As I have told you, you can get bundle of keyword after researching. But keep in mind you have to select only one keyword.

After reading these two points, I hope that you are learning that how to write an article properly. Don’t worry, there may be bundles of difficulties on your work path but you have to face with patient and hard working.

3. SEO friendly content with Headings and Paragraphs

We used web browser to get different information from Google or yahoo Bing etc. that browser properly understand HTML. We did not want to example this language but need to clear some concept about this. Basically it is used to create simple structure for website. It used to write paragraphs, heading to doing text formation etc.

It is also best practice to use heading tag and paragraphs when you want to create SEO friendly content. Because you can display bold, italic and paragraphs form text without using heading and paragraph HTML tags. But here will be some problems to browser that how it read your blog content without HTML tags.

4. Make structure before writing an article

It is the amazing one practice which is used by expert content writer. I want to tell how to write an article which should confirm the search engine and your blog readers. After selecting topic about which you want to share your knowledge. Then make a simple structure before creating content.

As you want to learn that how to write an article then learn how you will make a post structure before writing  

Make headings

Sub headings

Discuss previous posts topic

Discuss next posts topic

Give courage to your readers

Give some facility to users

At the end, make a conclusion that what you taught?

5. Length of SEO friendly content

One time, I was reading one blog post in which author was saying that mostly page are ranked on search engine rank page (SERP) due to good length of content.

So you have understood that what I want to say. You have increase typing speed to expend content length. It is not difficult but after searching, and reading other blogs you will have more knowledge

When you have more knowledge then you will be able to write more SEO friendly content.

6. Includes images

Want to create gold like post? Then think about inserting of images or info graphic in your blog posts. It is true that high quality images can slow your site but you have to solve this issue. But don’t leave this opportunity to add images.

Learn How to Do Image Optimization 

But one point keep in mind that, when you are inserting images then don’t copy form Google other sites. You can get copyright issue form Google. What you have to do? You need to create your own images which are not difficult.

If you know Photoshop then try it.

Just fill the color and write the post tile with big size and add some logo. You can copy logo and other PNG images from Google but must edit before publishing.

7. Includes videos

Videos are best way to share your knowledge and ideas to whole world.  If you want to make a SEO friendly content then you have to do hard working. It is very interesting that there are no copyright guidelines about videos. You can copy HTML embed code from YouTube for any videos. When you copy the HTML embed code, then paste into your posts.

We can insert any video from YouTube without any issues.

8. Before Publishing Content

When you complete your content then must read whole article you will find some mistakes. When you find any mistakes like grammar, spelling then solve. Because Google can find these words and did not give importance to your post when contains these mistakes.

Looking good but last point which is very important. Last point is the back bone from all above points.

Come to last guide point.

9. Ask to EXPERT

After clearing each and every things then find any expert from your friends. And ask him that checks your new post. If he she confirm your post the published. It is very good habit if you have.


I hope it is very helpful lesson for you. If you don’t that that how to write an article then it is very power guide for you.  Don’t focus on only this lesson but you have to search on internet that how to write an article which should be SEO friendly content. There are many reasons you are unable to follow above points. But you have to focus on that point which is responsible for good rank.

With time to time, I will add additional knowledge about this topic for you. You have to share this post to social media friends relative to this topic.

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