html5 tutorials in urdu hindi

Complete HTML5 Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Complete HTML5 Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi for Web Designing 

HTML5 is latest or improved version of HTML (web designing). We know that HTML5 is also hyper text markup language. This post contains HTML5 tutorials in Urdu & Hindi languages. It is improved idea to create a basic structure of a website or to design a website or web applications. According to experienced web designer hyper text markup language is not a language but it is the basic technique to create a website, web applications, and hybrid applications.

html5 video tutorials in urdu

As you know that this website ( is the Pakistani website, in this website you can learn web designing and web development and much more about web technology. If you want to learn hyper text markup language and CSS in Urdu & Hindi then you can get in free of cost. Here is link for that Urdu video tutorials course.


HTML5 work very fine with the major browser and latest version (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and IE)

It may be some HTML5 tag which will not be worked in some browser, but after changing browser you can get fine result.

HTML (web designing) Tutorials in Urdu

CSS (web designing) Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

The difference between HTML and HTML5

It is true that both have some difference but basic logic is same. Both are used to create a basic structure for a website.

It is difference in basic tags, like version declaration <!Doctype html>.

This dcotype tag is showing that you are using HTML5.

You can imagine both differences by seeing below image. This can help to you to understand that difference.

See difference Here


These are HTML5 new introducing which is given below.

  1. Introduction of new semantic Elements like <header>,<nav><section><footer> etc.
  2. In HTML5 Form you can validate your form as user must fill the field, you can use different input field type like date, number, email, url etc.
  3. Local Storage
  4. Web Socket
  5. Server-Sent Events
  6. Graphics using SVG & Canvas
  7. New tags for Audio & Video
  8. Geolocation which use to find location

Complete HTML5 Video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

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After watching this video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi and reading this article, shear with your social friends if you know that it is best one guide for that.

After this course I will shear CSS3 Tutorials (for web designing) in Urdu & Hindi video. That course will be easiest and free of cost for beginners.

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