Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme in Urdu Video Tutorial

How to Install WordPress Theme in Urdu Video Tutorial

Theme is the look and frontend of a website. Each website has at least one active theme. Like other platform WordPress website also have at least one theme which may be paid or free. In this article you will learn that how to install a WordPress theme easily with Urdu video tutorial. If you are beginners then you need to learn WordPress first that how to work on WP. So don’t worry I have a complete training course for you. So see at below this paragraph.

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It is the nature of human being to do new work after old one.  So changing active theme to another one has different causes and reasons it depends upon your requirements and thoughts. Before installing a wp theme, please keep in mind some points which are very important.

Create Backup before Installing Theme

Before installing a WordPress theme you need to create complete backup for your site because during changing theme you can face problems or get errors, so do first this step.

There are many free wordpress Plugins which give facility to create backup for your website. It is very important to do if you are serious to protect your content. You can create WP website backup using manually method form Cpanel account.

When your WP website hacked, you can upload your content from your backup which you created before. It is not enough to make backup for your content but also important to make database backup form phpmyadmin section in Cpanel account.

Find Best WP Theme on Google

It is very major step to selecting theme because templates have different types so you need to select that when you install a WordPress theme, should be SEO friendly, simple and responsive.

Mostly, your SEO bounce rate depends upon your active theme because user check site look, its color matching, and easiest way to read your site article or content.

Mostly your audience visit your site using mobile phone or tablet so you need to select responsive templates because it adjust in all devices and make a user friendly environment.

According to SEO expert, simple theme is best than a strange theme. So template should have header, navigation bar, side bar, main content and footer.

You can download any kind of theme form Google search engine or from (official website)

Select Add Theme Button

First of all when you need to installing a WordPress theme, then go to your site backend or dashboard and select from the left sidebar link Appearance => theme and then press the button Add new then a new page will be open where you will see another button Upload theme so press this button, there will be open your PC file where you will be select theme which you want to upload. So this is very simple process to upload.


installing wordpress theme

If you faced problems during uploading, then you need to upload a WordPress theme manually method. I will tell you that how to install a WordPress theme manually.

Upload in Zip Form

It is very common that upload template in zip form because you have to upload only one file because zip form is the bundle of multiples files you cannot upload multiples file so use only zip form.

Press Preview Button

After uploading you, can check its preview before running active. Here you can check that how your site is looking.

Press Active Button

After doing all process the last, you need to press active button when you satisfied that this theme is best in all about.

Enjoy with New WP Theme

Now you have done all steps, now enjoy with new WP template.

How to upload / installing WordPress theme with Urdu video tutorials

How to upload / install a WordPress theme manually with Urdu video tutorials

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