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How to Install Plugin in WordPress in Urdu & Hindi Video 

How to Install Plugin in WordPress in Urdu & Hindi Video

I am teaching WordPress that how to work in it and how to create blog or design it. We know that it is content management system in which we can publish, edit, update and any changes in content. Today we will learn that how you can install Plugin in WordPress properly and also I will teach you that how to install Plugin manually with Urdu & Hindi video tutorials.

What is WordPress Plugins?

Basically WordPress Plugins are software or piece of PHP programming language code which work for a specific task, which perform a specific function. WordPress cms is the open source platform, every body can download it without purchasing. Mostly people use this CMS system to create blog or professional websites.


installing wordpress plugins


The point which I want to shear with you is that WordPress is very limited and functionless, so we can increase its functionality with installing Plugin which is very easiest process and important to do.

There are two ways to install Plugin which I will shear with you with Urdu & Hindi video tutorials so keep reading and you will find at the end of this article.

Why Important to Install Plugin

As you are seeing heading that why it is important. If you did not want to install Plugin then your site will be warm water because it is very difficult to handle a wp website. Without Plugins you cannot do best SEO for WordPress, generating sitemap, antivirus, protecting from malicious code, galleries, creating backup etc. these all function, you cannot access easily that is why you have to help from another source that is installing Plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins name list

These are the best WordPress Plugins which you can install at any time to increase wp functionality.

  1. Display Widgets
  2. WP Mail SMTP
  3. WPtouch
  4. Compact Archives
  5. ThirstyAffiliates
  6. Term Management Tools
  7. Login Lockdown
  8. AdSanity
  9. W3 Total Cache
  10. TablePress
  11. Disqus
  12. Floating Social Bar
  13. Sucuri
  14. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  15. Edit Flow
  16. BackupBuddy

Just copy the name and search in the WordPress official website or your WordPress dashboard Plugin section.

As you know that onlineseekhna is the website in which you can learn web designing, web development or blogging with complete course in Urdu & Hindi languages in free. So this WordPress compete training course is also free for you with complete video tutorials.

It is the video tutorials in which you will learn that how to install Plugin properly in WordPress therefore watch if you want to learn.

How to Install Plugin in WordPress and Also Manually method

I hope that you watched compelte video to learn. If you interested to learn installing wp on localhost here is guide on it.

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