install wordpress on localhost in urdu

How to Install WordPress on localhost for Beginners

How to install WordPress on Localhost for Beginners in Urdu and Hindi

Installation of WordPress on localhost is very easy to set but without knowledge it becomes difficult, but don’t worry I will tell you with easy method that how you can install WordPress on localhost in your computer. Guys as you know that our blog is about Urdu videos tutorials related to web designing, development, blogging, SEO etc so today I am going to teach you installation of WordPress. It means that how to install WordPress on your computer locally.

Here you do not need to internet connection; you can get access WordPress dashboard without internet connection. So read this complete article carefully to get basic information.

It is true that we can install WordPress with different way like Fantastico, Softaculous, or FTP but today I will discuss that how to install WordPress on localhost.

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Before installation of WordPress what you need to have?

  • Download WordPress from its official website
  • Download xamp software
  • Browser

First of all you have to download WP in zip form from its website and then save it in your computer. After this, download software called xamp which will run PHP code and data base. Don’t worry, it is very easy to download and setup.

All these discussion in this article, you will learn watching Urdu video tutorial which is given in this post.

After installation of xamp you need to open root folder. In that folder you will see the folder with name htdocs which is your root folder in which your all data for WordPress or PHP files will be stored.

Now extract zip WordPress (which you downloaded from its official website) and copy all files then paste into htdocs folder creating a new folder like this.

Xamp>htdocs>new_wordpress> here will be all files for WP.

Now open the xamp application from C partition or any other where you have stored.

You will see like this interface.

xampp application installation

Now press the start button for Apache and MySQL.

Then go to browser and type like this in the window bar.


(new_wordpress is your folder name in htdocs you can rename it with any name)

You will get this page:

install wordpress on localhost in urdu video

As you can see, there are some points are given that you should know before installation of WordPress.

Database name: it is your data base name which you have created in database, from this URL localhost/phpmyadmin. If you don’t know that how to create a database for WordPress website, then watches my Urdu tutorial in video in this post, surely you will learn.

Database user name : By default Database username is ‘’root’’ but you can change it.

Database password : By default there is no password but you can give it like username.

Database host : Surly your WP website is offline, so your host will be localhost.

Table prefix : Prefix is the word which come before the table by default it is wp_. When we create a table in database, there is a prefix with table so you can give it your own choice.

When you click on lets go you will go to another page where you will put above information in the text field and then submit form. Then click to run the install button.

After doing this, you will get a welcome message.

So here you have to give some information about you WP website as:

installing wordpress on your computer

Site title: This is your site title which will display in window bar.

Username: it is the username which will require when you login in to dashboard.

Password: it is the password which require, when you login to dashboard. You can choose strong password which is best to get.

Your email: Give email address which will need you, when you want to change password or other information.

Search engine visibility: Check this box if you want to instruct to search engine that crawl your website, remember that, you are at localhost so does not need to check or unchecked.

Congratulation to get installed WordPress on localhost!

You have completed all steps, so you will redirect to login page, enter your username and password and get back-end.

This is complete video tutorials in Urdu for you guys to learn with practical work. So must watch this video of you are serious to learn.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost in your Computer in Urdu & Hindi

Surly you have learnt that how to install WordPress on localhost on your own computer system. If you have any question about this topic, you are free to discuss with me.

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Thanks advance!

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