Keyword Density Proximity, Prominence

Keyword Density, Prominence & Proximity in SEO Urdu Video Tutorials

Keyword Density, Prominence & Proximity in SEO Video Tutorials

As I have discussed in previous post that what are keywords in SEO with Urdu video tutorials but in this post I will tell you that what keyword density is, what is keyword prominence & proximity in SEO with video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. This lesson is very important for those students whose want to learn search engine optimization in right way or want to get high and real rank in search engine.

Density, Prominence & Proximity urdu hindi


To understand Keyword density:

It is very important to give attention to this point, because when you write an article you did not give attention that how you are writing & how you are focusing the target word. If you target a words like “web designing”, you need to use in your article in particular ratio, don’t try to use again and again, there will be key words stuffing or spamming with your.

So, you can use your target key word from 1 % to 2% in article if you want to get more & best result in search engine.

If your article contains 100 words then your target word should contain 1 or 2 time.

To understand Keyword proximity in SEO

When you write an article for your website to optimize website or blog focusing target words. But avoid to stuffing or spamming.

You can understand proximity with this example that when you search a phrase like this “SEO video tutorials in Urdu” you get result with such titles “Urdu tutorials on SEO, SEO tutorials in Video in Urdu” please notice here to understand proximity, your real phrase was SEO video tutorials in Urdu but you are getting same result but there is some distance between your exact word that is called proximity. You have to use all the words near to each other. When you use a word with so long distance to other word so here is proximity is very low you have to use words near to each other.

What is keyword prominence?

Every one want to steal your traffic or want to get organic traffic from search engine as well as social networking sites or any other resources.  Before understanding keyword prominence But keep in mind,   competitions graph is upward so, you need to work hard to compete your against.

So for this target you have to do every work which is best for your website performance.

So, prominence is very important, it means when you select SEO keyword to get rank, and then where you will use your focus word for better result? So there are best places where you can use selective key words for best performance.

Best places where you need to use target SEO keywords 

First of all page title tag


Article H1, or H2 heading tag

First paragraph before 100 words 

Image alt tag

So focus on above places which are best for getting awesome SEO result.

 Keyword density, prominence & proximity in SEO video tutorial Urdu & Hindi

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Thanks to read full article, I sure you have learnt from this article next article will be, that how to find best SEO keywords for getting better result in SEO.

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