what are seo keywords

What are keywords in SEO with video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

What are keywords in SEO with video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Search engine are best way to find any kind of information. It contain more than billions different websites data with different categories as education, heath, food etc. Keywords in SEO are the collection of words which contain specific sentence or words relative to your needs.

In the previous posts I have discussed with you on different SEO terms like no follow & do follow backlinks, Google XML sitemap, robots.txt file etc, but today I am shearing a topic which is very important to learn. Without learning this topic you cannot take part properly in this field. You need to understand Key word.

Understanding SEO Keywords

When you need any things to find on internet like finding different subjects notes, finding jobs, hiring teacher or online booking etc. then what you do for this purpose? Surely you will go to search engine like Google or yahoo Bing, and then you search specific keywords as given below examples.

keywords in SEO video tutorials


->English grammar

->English grammar books

->English grammar test

->English grammar pdf

->English grammar rules

->English grammar mcqs

Above are the Keywords examples when you enter one words in search box you get numbers of suggestion words which are relative to your needs, as in above case is “English grammar”.

Another SEO tips about using target keywords in your article which is very important to do. Because repeating target words can harm your website rank in search engine also violet SEO rules & regulations.

Repeating many times one word can fall bad effect on your article reader and also search engine crawler.

If you don’t understand then I have added Urdu video tutorial, watching this video you can clear your concept and can get more knowledge from this video.

What are keywords in SEO video tutorials in Urdu / Hindi

If you have any question, suggestion, or want to give me good ideas relative to this topic then without hesitate share with me I will give you good response.

Next this article I will tell you about keywords types like its density, prominence etc.

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