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Make a WordPress Website in Urdu Video Tutorials

How to Make a WordPress Website in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials

Don you know that how to build a WordPress website easily? If don’t know then toady I am teaching you. It is true that WP is the content management system in which you can create content, edit or update that content etc, it is the open source and free platform to use and to design a website. if you are beginner  then I have a complete WordPress training course in Urdu & Hindi, if you are really interested then click given link to get free course.

making website on wordpress

Following Steps are Require to Build a WordPress Website

Give attention in reading below important points 

Choosing domain &  hosting

Very first step is that, when you think about creating wp website then you need to purchase something that is domain name and hosting. You can read this article to learn what is domain name and web hosting?

Think about your site topic and choose best domain name which should be easy to memorable and must contain SEO keyword.

Next step is come to web hosting. Your site may contain text files, images or videos, there will be require  some space for that content to store in KBs or MBs that is why you need to purchase some online storage to upload your content on the internet.

Web hosting contain some others features as sub domain name, FTP account or band width etc.

Installing WordPress

After purchasing domain name and web hosting, next step is come to install WordPress form your cpanel account.

Just click on install WordPress link and you will be redirect to another page where you have to some setting as site title, username and password etc.

Another way to install WordPress on localhost, it is  recommended that before installing wp on online server you have to install on localhost first then upload on online server. It has advantage that you can WordPress website design before publishing.

Some wp expert make best WordPress websites but yet they use localhost before online host.

Learn how to install wp on localhost

Upload new theme and customize

There are many WordPress website templates are on the internet which are free as well as paid.

Next step is come of uploading a new theme for your new WordPress website. Theme is very important and has very good effect for your audience. So keep in mind, when you installing theme,  should  contain following features.

  1. SEO friendly theme
  2. Responsive theme
  3. Easy to use and simple

build website wordpress

Following articles are relative to this topic which is important to learn.

How to upload wp theme

How to customize wp theme

Creating menu

Now you need to create a best menu for your WordPress website which should be attractive and contain main topic of your site, it may like SEO, Web designing, Web development, PHP (if your site topic is relative to web design).

There may be more than one menu on one theme, because if depend upon theme setting.

Some contain two menu, upper menu or top menu and other is main menu which come after header.

If you want to learn that how to create menu with HTML and CSS then I have a tutorial for you!

Create menu with HTML & CSS

So after creating wp menu then come to next step!

Setting widgets

Widgets are best applications for WordPress website to improve its functionality as displaying calendar, recent posts or pages, weather widgets, facebook like box, etc.

You have to install some wp widgets for your new wp site.

Here is complete guide on wp widgets and best WordPress website widget every site should be contain.

Installing WordPress Plugins

Basically wp is function less we have to install Plugin to extend its functionality. If you want to make secure your website you did not need to write coding with programming languages you need to just find Plugins with the name of security you will get thousands Plugins, so install and active.

Here is complete guide for you on wp Plugins and best WordPress Plugins

Creating pages

After doing all these process you need to write article or upload content. So for this purpose you have to create some pages like about us, contact us, or privacy policy etc.

These page are very important when apply for Google Adsense or any other company.

Write article for your WordPress website

Very great work for all, is to write article for your new blog or site. Because without writing or publishing article you cannot get traffic.

Your new WordPress website must contain near 50 article then update with time to time.

SEO WordPress Plugins 

After passing all above process it is very necessary to do SEO for your new WordPress website because when you ignore this step, you cannot achieve your goals even cannot make money if you interested to earn.

There are many wp best SEO Plugins which work of ranking your site and posts in search engine.

Here is complete guide on WordPress SEO Plugins in Urdu & Hindi video tutorials.

WordPress Security Plugins

Your WordPress website is very awesome that is why you have to protect from brute force attacker. Due to this you need to secure your site. Hacker checks different sites weakness in websites and then they try to hack and get access. So must give attention here if you want to protect your original content

There are many WordPress security Plugins which help in making secure environment.

Here is complete guide on wp security, so click below link to learn more with Urdu video tutorials also.

Make Habit to Make WordPress Website Backup

Some wp user did not give attention to create wp website backup but very necessary to create regular backup. It save your all content and then you can restore any time when you need. If your site hacked then you can restore so due to this your site will be save.

So here is complete guide on creating WordPress website backup

How to create WordPress Website in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials

I hope you have learnt from this article with Urdu & Hindi video tutorials. If you interested to learn more about WordPress then subscribe this YouTube channel to get more courses in Urdu and Hindi languages.

If you have any question about this topic that how to create website on WordPress CMS system, then discuss to me in below comments section .



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