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Make Money With Google Adsense By Urdu Tutorials

How to Make Money with Google Adsense by Urdu Video Tutorials

Do you free from home job? Very great and popular program which is Adsense. It is the family member of Google. It works is to advertising of different companies ads. There are many advertiser programs but Adsense is the most popular and used in the globe. Many people make money with Google Adsense even in Pakistan and all over the world. In this system, you will feel very happy and amazing working with this program which I going to tell you. Before make money with  Google Adsense keep in mind some points which will tell you at the end of the article.


make money by adsense

Every man want to get anything easily, nobody want to achieve their goal with difficulty so I also want to try to clear basic thing before start you’re earning.

Before teaching you to that how to make money with Adsense I will prefer it to inform you that what is basic which is must to understand before working with Google Adsense.

 Advertiser /Publisher/ USER

What are advertiser, publisher and Users? If don’t know then read below the description.
Advertiser: these are companies which get ads from other companies or people who want to market their products, service etc and advertiser market their given service to audience.

Publisher are the websites owner who want to apply for Adsense and then he/she wait for its approval for Adsense after it, he feel very happy to get chance working with Google program.
Users are the people, searcher or anyone who search anything from search engine which they require.

Don’t think to make money with Google Adsense without website or blog.

It is very necessary to have good rank website which have great traffic or such kind of blog. If you have this facility then ready to make money with Google.

If don’t know to create a website then you can learn from me in this site if you wish.

After doing all process which are required before Google Adsense as to have website, its good content, back linking, work of Good SEO, best traffic etc, don’t worry I will discuss on that point which are very important for a beginner.

Making money with Google Adsense

You can earn $100k daily with Google but it depends upon your work that how you hard work. As I already discuss on above paragraph I want to explain it.

Working with this program, you will feel very interesting and painful game due to its hardly policy mostly for Pakistani publisher.

When you apply for Google Adsense then they hardly check your sit/blog to confirm that it is according to our policy or not.

if your site is Good for Adsense program then they approve your site, after approving, they give ads source code form your account, copy that and past into your that place where you want to display ads.

Approved !

When they approved your request for Google Adsense then invite your friend and make a celebrate on this great achievement, this point only Pakistani can understand because Google Adsense is very hardly on Pakistan, India and Bangladesh publishers.
Now let’s go learn,
When your sit/blog displaying ads and when any user from anywhere or visitor came to that ads and click on that ad then according to your CPC (cost per click) money will be go to your account directly.

How to Create Google Adsense account

If you don’t mind I decided that I will tell you another in which I will tech you that how to get Google Adsense account.

In order to get account, just go to Google search engine and type in the search box  “sign up for Adsense” then simply click on first result.

So in that page there will be only three easy step. Just you have to give your original information as site URL, Name, confirm address, zip code, time zone, and other require info, there you will found a option asking you to put payee name, don’t forget your original name which have to get money from Adsense. Click to submit and wait for some hour to approve your request.

Create Account Now Adsense

Care of Google Adsense account

Are you want to make money with Google Adsense? If yes then must keep in mind that, it is very important to care of it. When you got account, you are very lucky and so care of your account because it is very sensitive.

Its security very hard and their team check you every time when you perform any activities in account or with displaying ads, that what are you doing against program policies?.

Many people are failed to this step because they did not hard work with due to this, they unable to reach Adsense polices, so here they go to find other advertising platform which should be easy to control.

Get Adsense Approval Fast

These are following some important guideline before it when you apply these all on your website than you will get Adsense account then you will be able to make money.
1. Purchase a domain name with extension of .com if you serious one.
2. If you want to use any platform to create your website then I recommend to you of WordPress which is most used and best SEO optimized.
3. Very important point is for you, when you purchase domain name then properly woke on it .Make sure that you have done its user friendly look and have spend some month as 4 month from the time of domain purchasing

4. Their team examines that, are you serious in publishing our ads or not? So due to this. when you purchase a premier theme then they believe on you that you are a serious with our program policy. Doesn’t worry to read these lines because I am also using the free theme But be sure that I can help you in getting quickly approval.
5. Don’t use to add any other famous or non famous website content to your site. Their team want to see your original content, because your content is best than other.
7. Near 40 articles should be posted in your site which contains more than 500 words without copied materials.
8. Very great and main point that is coming of traffic on your blog/site, which should be 500 visitors per day; this traffic must be original, organic from Google search.
9. Your website should be SEO friendly.
10. It depends upon your theme layout and navigation bar. Because it should be easy to go to every page and clean for all about.

Learn With Video tutorials

These above very important point before make money with Google Adsense. When you obey these points then it will become very easy to you. If you are living Pakistan or India then must pay attention here.

Don’t make negative thought, because their team very genius, expert in finding your activities.

So be honest to work with it following its program policy.

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