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How to Make Money with Blog By Urdu Tutorials (updated)

Complete Guide Money with Blog in Pakistan by Urdu Video Tutorials

It is true that every man and woman want to earn money with any source which are available in the internet which may be difficult or easy. Today I will tell you that how to make money with blog in Pakistan, or any other country. It is free platform like other and can make money doing blogging like a home job. So in this article you will find a definition of blog before making money, also keep in mind that to earn from any sources has great meanings.
Therefor, before going to reading article there are some precaution which i understand, it is best for you.

Don’t try to do deception in any form.

Always think be positive.

Be honestly.

Do hard working to achieve great goal.

money by blogging

Before it that how to make money with blogging, First of all I want to tell you that what is blog, it is the free space which provided to you from different companies for you.

I mean this is a free platform on which you can save your content, videos, images etc. just for sign up and start your work it is very easy to create new blog. You will learn much more as you will read this article to end.

Q: Want to Make money? Have you any skills?
Q: Are you wanted to Time Pass?

Don’t worry, just ask own self that what is your aim and what are your answers before making money.
Make money with blog is easy for all people who have some basic knowledge. Keep in mind, lazy and work less cannot take part in this field.

Other tips is that there is no required any experience just go to blog creator platform and create account. Then select your domain name like this., very great and good skill, I don’t know some people reject it saying that it is very difficult.

Tip: No experience but should be focus on niche

I will define it with easily way that all people would understand it clearly. You can create many blogs in one platform with one account.
There are many website or platform using that, you can create free blog for your special purpose, some of them I shear with you which are popular and most useful, other also best but I want to tell these some.

It is the Google product which is very popular and easy interface. If you want to use this there should be one email account, sign in to Gmail account or directly sign in to I am using mostly this platform to create blog, there are thousand templates are offering you by Google. There are many categories of its templates like responsive, SEO friendly and many others.

I checked mostly web designer are used blogger to create website for him/her.

Its interface is very simple and Google recently change its interface which is more attractive and beautiful, I will create a course on in Urdu Video Tutorials soon for you guys.
Learn Complete Blogger tutorials in Urdu and Hindi
Want to do best SEO for Blogger then click below link to get complete video course in Urdu and Hindi
Blogger SEO Video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi is also very great platform which is SEO friendly. Keep in mind that is the CMS which means content managements system in which we manage the content. There are many best widget and Plugins which are use to increase functionality in your word press website. But problem is that because when you create a new blog, there is very limited option is given to you.

what is its solution..? You will have to purchase a domain name and install WordPress on it then start your work and make money with blog or website with no fear and not doubt.

It is more optimizes than blogger because it have great best SEO Plugins relative to SEO which help you to increase SEO rank.
Here is complete WordPress trainings course in Urdu and Hindi
Also learn WordPress Security in Urdu and Hindi
Create Blog on now!

Make money with blog of, Here you also can create easily blog there are many templates or themes which are provided by for theirs users. Just go to type and on the first page, you need to open the link, then create new account on wix then start to creating blogs and start to creating content.

How you can Make Money with Blog

Guys follow some points which help you in making money with blogging.

First of all you need to think about topic, if don’t have any knowledge, I give you some idea that how you can

Pick a profitable niche for your blog, so read this article to clear your concept first.
Create original content, don’t copy the article from others sites.
Don’t violate the SEO rule and regulation
Keep user idea or understand user requirements
Update your old post
Shear to social media

making money doing blogging

Note: When you visit any website which is showing ads by any companies, if you click on that ads then earning will go to website owner account.

These are advertising which is provided by different companies. So there are some platform is given which give a code of ads which you have to put in your website or blog.
1. Google Adsense
2. Infolinks
4. chitika

Google Adsense

Adsense is the product of Google which use to advertising of different products or services, very good and best way to make money with Google Adsense.

So Google Adsense have very hardly policies due to this reason some blogger did not use it, rejecting it, join another way make money.

When you complete your blog then if you want to like then will apply for Google Adsense, its team will check your performance, that your site is set according to their policies or not, if your site is not approve then remove all error and mistake from your blog which are against to Adsense policy.

Congratulation! When your site approved by Google Adsense, you are very lucky, then they provide you an ads link which you have to put in main content or side bar of your site. Click here to get complete guideline that how to get Google Adsense approval.

Don’t worry there are many platform which are use to make money with blog just need of learning and hardworking other way is the Infolinks which is also great platform to advertising. Some people cannot reach and cannot make the blog according to Google Adsense polices so due to this they turn to, it have many kind of ads as picture ads, colored ads, pup up ads.

So you can simply use it. Its Polices are hardly. Only they check your post materials. You can use one infolinks account for more sites.

Tip: One point please remembers that if your idea to earn money or not. Please try to write own article and content you will success in all field.

These are other two sites which I going to telling you just using that. You can make money with blog, just make account and wait for approval. Not these, thousand platforms are available for advertising only search on Google.

Very simple and easy job to make money but take courage and start you work so these two websites also like Google Adsense which gives you to ads with source code which you have to display on your website.

My advice to you! Don’t try to copy of other site article; make mistake and error because error can teach a man that what to do, what is right. Then successes will wait for you. So thanks to read my complete article about make money with blogging so don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel to get Urdu and Hindi video tutorials.

So guys I will update this article with time to time and I will add more information in this article for you guys so also don’t forget to shear this post to social media.

If you have any question, then write your question in the comment box.
If you have any good idea or suggestion, then also shear with me without hesitate

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