Make money with SEO in video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

How to Make money with SEO with video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Recently I thought that mostly student on world learn search engine optimization for this reason that we will start a SEO business to make money but they unable to do this. Make money with SEO is not difficult, but difficult is that you don’t know that how it work and how we have to start this kind of business. This kind of journey on the internet path is very difficult because here you will face different difficulties you need to face and to compete difficulties to win.

make money by seo


Some people think that we will earn money without learning or without educations that is why with lack of knowledge we cannot get success in any type of business even searches engine optimization.

I mean we have to focus on learning process first, and then think about earning.

I searched on internet mostly peoples have earned billion dollars on the internet using search engine optimizations skills.

To make money from 4000$ to Unlimited $ is possible but only condition is require that is to learn first then think about such great number of income.

As you know that search engine optimization is one of the digital marketing tips to do advertise the products and service or your company, evens anything which you have. So first of all, before advertising you need to think that where is your audience whose like your products or services so then stand for marketing?

Advertising is very easy to do but thinking before adverting is not easy. You have to think that how to populate products or services to whole world or to those peoples whose fond of it.

Want to do online job with SEO Company or want to do freelance like home based job?

There are many ways to make money with search engine optimization (SEOs) skill. That is simple but takes time first, and then gets comfort for life time.

Job with company like in Pakistan, India, Dubai or London etc

SEO online job in noida, dubai, Lahore, India, Pakistan etc are available but you don’t know!

That companies require any expert but some needs basic level or intermediate it depends upon their need but it is true that there are vacancies are available. In that company you can get treasurer of knowledge and good experience from experience full worker. You can start SEO business after getting good experience from these companies then you can stand on your own foot instead of other.

First of all you need to find online job for SEO

Then you need to read carefully their description that what they need and what you know

Then create your CV according to their needs and special for that company

Mention all your skill relative to digital marketing

Mention your experience

Mention your work which you don if don’t have then ask them I am fresh

Then send your CV

Wait for their response

Keep in mind that if you cannot talk in English special Pakistani or Indian then you need to strong your English talking, when you go to other countries then you talk English, you cannot do work without this language.

When you selected for that company then make sure that you would to do work easily.

Give a good impression at first days

And make put a good impression on them like a professional one.

And much more…..

Online Job with freelancing websites like Upwork, fiverr, freelancer or seoclerks

It is very best way to make more money with SEO which is free of cost but need only your expertise which wills you have before start SEO business. It has great importance when you leave SEO Company and then start freelancing on upwork or fiverr or other online jobs websites.

SEO business meaning you is doing optimization other client’s website directly.

It is also easiest way but also need hard working

These are the best points which can help to start online job for SEO to make money before attempting freelancing class, must read before guideline which are good for beginners as well as other also

First of all you, think that what you know   about search engine optimization

All your skills about this field, mention on notepad and research on your mind that really you know or it is myth.

If yes, then stand up and create a profile on any one of them freelancing website like upwork

It is not enough to create a profile but also need to create a good and attractive one which impress the clients.

So on upwork, there should be100% profile completion otherwise there will be some restriction on your activities

Then you have to apply for job

Search a job on search box you will get bundles of result then apply on those jobs which are easy for you to do

Don’t try to that work which is seem to difficult for you but if you any good experience man then take

Make money with SEO on facebook, twitter, Google plus etc

It is also true sentence that you can ear on social media sites with search engine optimization because here is greatest communities are available which can give you a positive result.

So post on social media sites that you are SEO expert or trainer or video producer the peoples will contact to you or with your company.

Complete guide to make money with SEO in Urdu Video tutorials


Thanks to watching these video to get more knowledge.

If you have any good suggestion or want to add tips on this article then shared your best effort in comment section.

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