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Today Make Money with YouTube by Urdu Tutorials

Great Opportunity to Make Money with YouTube in Pakistan

Here is great way to make money which is best purpose of every man, YouTube is also giving a chance to you to earn. Here is interesting, Pakistani can join it to make money, in addition, as every know that it is a video search engine which is mostly used in the world; it is a product of Google. there are many courses online to make money with YouTube are available on the internet. Mostly people used this platform with different purposes, some find their require information, knowledge tips, learning courses and more much and some want to make money.

In this article I will shear with you that how to make money on YouTube, I have wrote an article about make money with different method,
make money in Pakistan. So I will make tutorial on make money through YouTube in Urdu video training very soon.

make money on YouTube


Now Be Happy to Make Money from YouTube in Pakistan

Here is very interesting with Pakistani user because before some days we use other countries to make money with monetized video because there were not available monetizing option in Pakistan but recently on 28 September 2016, team of YouTube give a very great opportunity for us to make money on YouTube giving a good chance to Pakistani user. In other word monetization in Pakistan means you can earn money on YouTube with monetized video, monetize means the content which able to make money , because they enable the monetize option for Pakistani user, now every man living in Pakistan can make money without fear and doubt, so keep care and be honest.

Follow Easy Step to Earn Money on YouTube

Let’s go to easy step which will guide you to make money with YouTube , each point read seriously, it is guideline from basic to end, if you know that, here is some missing or want to give me additional information then inform me, I will respect your great effort.

Email account

Very first step is to creating the email account if you have already email account then no problem for you, it is very easy to create email account, you can use email account of hotmail or yahoo but I suggest you to use Gmail account because it is best for you because you are using Google’s product and this is best one. So this image showing the Gmail account information, you will give all info to create a Gmail account. Very easy to reaching that time to make money which is your great dream of the life’
So very easy, just put your first and last name, email with password and other requires info. Then click on next page showing a box asking you to verify your account then verify email account.

Gmail account

After creating email then conform it then join with it. You can use all product of Google with one Gmail account except YouTube.

Create Channel

After creating Gmail account, other step is to open YouTube and sign in and create a channel, very easy to create a channel, just click on the right up corner, after follow the step 2, on the next page click “create a new channel” then it will ask you to give the channel name it may your name or company name, so when you complete all process then set your profile picture and channel art etc..

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Verify your YouTube Channel

Before making money don’t forget this step which is very important to verify your channel because you cannot use some feature without verify your channel, I means without verifying, you are limited when you verify your channel then you will be freedom to use other feature which were disable to you before. Below a image is given which help to you. Go to “channel” option which exist left corner of the YouTube dashboard then click on the verify, it will show a other page where you have to put some info about yourself as mobile number and country which should be original.


Multiple channels

Every people want to earn more, earn mean earn knowledge, earn money, earn skill, earn visitor so on…

So you can create multiple channels in one account, 1? 2? 3? Not, thousand channels you can create, it is a facility which is given to you.

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How to link Google Adsense to YouTube Channel

Make money with any source is the game of children it have many easy and fresh process, here is another step, When you complete all these process then you ready to create Google Adsense account if you don’t know to create or want to get more info about Google Adsesne then click here to Google Adsense account. Which is use to get payment which you made through YouTube videos. It is very sensitive account due to this some peoples apply for other method to get payment because Google Adsense have very hardly polices but you don’t worry I will tell you that what best way to work with Adsense properly. It’s hard but very cold.

Before making money with YouTube there are many step in it but first step is which I going to tell you. First of all you will have to enable monetize option which will be enable when you verify your channel then enable your account for monetization. For this purpose I will guide you to with video tutorial very soon that how to link YouTube channel to Google Adsense which is very important to learn for you.

Make Money with YouTube- Only Publishing Videos

Time is very near to earn money uploading videos because getting info about any topic from any source have great importance as you having from this site.

Follow this step to upload your video

Click right up corner on “Upload” button it will bring to other page
In the next page you will see a big button which written “Upload”, click on it.
Then a box will be show, here you select any video you want to upload and then click on the ok.

Your video will take some time to upload….

These process is about uploading video but it is not sufficient must read below which is very important.

During uploading a video you will see some boxes representing Title, Description and tags.

Not easy to make money it will take a long time depend upon your work so don’t worry and continuous to read..


This is the title of your video which must be short and defining about your content and your main keyword should in title which is best for SEO.


it further defines your content, means it describes your content, so it must should be clean and clear to reader. Its length should be 100 words.


These are like categories; YouTube’s team will put your content in those categories which you right here. So here use those world which related to your video content, e.g. your title is that “how to write a letter” then your tags will be like this “write a letter, writing a letter, letter,….” Each tag should be separate with commas.

Other hand some tips which is important to understand for you, after doing above, your next job is to making the original video and other tips please read following….

Make Own Video

When you upload video of other people then you will be face to many problems, I suggest to you to make own video, it have many advantage, If you are expert in any field then you can shear your knowledge to other via making a video, but how will you make a video.

There are Two Types of Making Video

Record screen: if you want to make tutorial about any topic as any software like Adobe Photoshop, Ms Office etc, there are many software are use to record the screen but suggest to use Camtasi studo because it have many feature and mostly people give positive comment on it.

Other way is to make video with your mobile and some editing and then upload it, if you don’t know to mix video then click here to learn video mixing software Corel video studio; very easy guys just take seriously, you can make funny video, own skill, or other friend games as cricket, football etc.

Increase Number of Videos

Increasing your video on your channel then your will make money from YouTube quickly just increase number of video near 1000 then you will be free from tension.

Make Sure Regularly

Small work is the best with regularly than greater without regularly. So this habit should be with you before working. It is also a best and serious tip which is to upload video regularly because team of YouTube believes that you’re serous in your job.

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Easy to Make Money with YouTube for Pakistani

It is last and main point of article for make money by YouTube monetized video, living in Pakistan when your Google Adsense linked to your channel then Google ads will show on your video when any one click on that ads then earning will go to your Google Adsense account, when your earning reach to $100 then you will be able to withdraw your payment.

Learn How to increase YouTube Adsense earning

Other is that to make money with monetized videos, when your video views reaches to 1000 then you will get $1 if your viewer of Pakistani or India, if you can make a good content which liked by the USA or other country then your rate of earning will go on increasing with views, it depend upon your location of user. Actually you can make money with increasing number of video views, so be honest to increase your income because when you work against rule regulation then you will get lose.

I also making money with YouTube living in Pakistan and told to you guys just takes the name of Allah (God) and starts your work.

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