nofollow and dofollow links

Nofollow and Dofollow links in SEO Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Nofollow and Dofollow links in SEO tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

It is very common to know that your website have less traffic than your expectations. It is because your website has not large number of Backlinks support. Nofollow and dofollow basically are backlinks in SEOs. It is very common question which often beginners SEO students ask. Answer of this question is given below in detail. I sure you will get correct answer, yet, you don’t understand then you can mention your question in below comment box.

dofollow vs nofollow seo links


As you know that nofollow or dofollow links are the part of SEO (Search Engine optimization). If you visit this page by chance but you don’t know that what SEO is then I have a complete course on SEO with complete tutorials in Urdu & Hindi languages. Link given below!

SEO Course in Urdu & Hindi Video tutorials

Basic Introduction to SEO

If you don’t want to get complete search engine optimization course then I give you basic concept of this techniques.

SEO basically stand for search engine optimization which is used to get real and organic traffic from the search engine in real way. There are two ways to get traffic that are Black Hat tech &White Hat.

To understand Do follow and No follow links

Before teach these you have to learn basically what is link? Link is created by HTML <a></a> tag, which is used to send users from one document to another document?

As you know that search engine crawler or bots find different websites pegs and try to index into their databases.

When a crawler visit a web pages, surly that page contain some internal links, and crawler check that links which are referring to another web page then crawler want to go to that page which linked to first web page.

It is not necessary for bots to go to another web page which are linked to first web page.  It depends upon you to offer search engine bots or crawler that must crawl that pages which linked to any web pages.

I think you have understood if don’t know read again!
Now come to real topic of this article which is!

What is Dofollow Links?

This link is also created by HTML link tag. This kind of link created as given below

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Free Course</a>

It is same like this

<a href=”” rel=””>Free Course</a>

Also same!

<a href=””>Free Course</a>


It means when bots come to this link text which is “Free Course” then crawler must crawls it linked URL which is Because we gave a relation (rel=””) of this link to another web page is dofollow.

What is Nofollow Links?

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Free Course</a>

See its rel attributes which is showing that this link have no follow relation to other web page. When bots come to this link text as showing “Free Course”, will not crawl URL because it have no follow relations.


nofollo linking in seo

Which is the Best one?

According to SEO expert both links are important to have for a website. But very best link which should have a website is Dofollow links. Your website need to get rank, and you will get rank easily by creating do follow links because search engine will crawl your website pages when bots find your website pegs link in another website.

I hope, you have learnt today SEO topic which was very easy to understand you can watch video tutorial which will be best for you guys to understand completely.

Dofollow & Nofollow with Video Tutorials

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Have you learnt all about this topic which I sheared with you? If you don’t understand then read again in seconds you will learn.

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