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Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan by Urdu Tutorials

Guideline on Payoneer MasterCard For Pakistani (Complete Guide)

Payoneer is the well known company which providing a MasterCard,for Pakistani also. According to my opinion it is best service for all over the world people because this MasterCard used in whole world. It is the New York based company, there are many employer are working in Payoneer financially service. There is much country in which Payoneer MasterCard company is available to use approximately 210 countries, be happy you can use such MasterCard in Pakistan also.


payoneer mastercard pakistan

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Payoneer Card is use to receive payment from different kind of company as from freelancing companies, or different other affiliate program like Amazon and also facility to transferring money from one MasterCard to another. When we receive payment through MasterCard then we can be withdraw using ATMs card. In Pakistan you can withdraw payment from CB ATM MSB bank.

Very interesting to know that it takes very short time to get famous in the globe which is funded in 2005. Mr. SCOTT GALIT is the founder of Payoneer New York Company and there is much office in globe but main center in the New York (USA) with good working.

Very best advantage with this company because they give a facility to use US bank account number which you can use to get payment from other well known US company and EUA.

How to get Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan

Don’t worry you can Get Free MasterCard in Pakistan with very simple way, just sign up for Payoneer MasterCard. Click on this image which is given below this paragraph and you will be redirect to other page where you will have to fill the form by clicking sign up and after sign up approaching target balance you will earn 25$.

One thing please remembers that must put your original data as your name, NIC number, correct address and zip code and other require information. You will get your Payoneer Card within 20 days don’t try to again sign up before meeting your card if you not receive then go to their website and contact to their team through live chat they will give you guide.

Here you can make money with Payoneer MasterCard but how you will earn money. When you sign up for my given link then you will get $25 in free bonus.

After activation you will get 25$ when your MasterCard balance reach to at least 100$.

After receiving card, You can also shear with your referral link to your friend through different source as social media so here you can make money with Payoneer easily without investment.

Click Here to sign up for Payoneer Card

How to Active your Payoneer MasterCard

When you receive card then fist of all you have to active it, go to your account and click on the link where asking you to active your card then put the card number then generate a PIN.

Now you can use it to receive payment or transferring payment.

If you are a freelancer, web owner or do shopping then no problem to receiving payment, this MasterCard support many freelancing company which are well known in globe like upwork, fiverr Google Adsense etc. so here your problems have solved to get payment particularly for Pakistani user


Owner of this company SCOTT GALIT is wants to solve the difficult problem of globally customers which are faced during receiving and transferring payment to other company. He wants to make easily way for their globe customers.

So here is the guideline for you guys that how to order for Payoneer MasterCard living in Pakistan or in globe. If you want to ask any questions to me then comment.

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