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SEO Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2018 by Video tutorials

SEO Best Free Keyword Research tool 2018 with Video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

In this SEO lesson you will learn that which keyword research tool is best for beginner’s students. You will learn basic tips and techniques also which will be best for you. Except this, you will learn with video tutorial in rude & Hindi language which I will add for you guys.  Following discussion on  SEO keyword research tool will help you to understand how to SEO expert write article using different tools which I will share with all  beginners students.

Keywords Researching tools

Are really fond of learning SEO?

There here is complete course for you to get start from basic level as beginner.

SEO video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi 2017

SEO tips and techniques

Blogger SEO for beginner’s students

Why you use tool to get high rank in search engine? And why you want to get number of research tool? it have simple answer because everyone want to improve their business or services that is why each body try to get better result from their audience so you also need to work hard to get target goal which is improvement of products  or website optimization.

  1. Google Keyword Research Tool Free

It is best software which is widely used by the SEO expert.  Many experts use this tool to get rank for focus key word. Because this tool can help you to understand focus word volume, monthly searches and suggested big.

You can also check keyword completion level as low, medium and high. You can also check on figure to understand better.

google keyword research

  1. SEMrush

It is also best one for SEO student. It can also help you to work on search engine optimization field. This tool is not totally free but you can work properly with free account. Here is link, go direct from below link to SEMrush.

semrush keyword planner

  1. Keyword Tool

This is also awesome one to get start which is approximately free but you can use by purchasing. Below this paragraph you will find a link for this tool. It is very simple to use specially for beginners it is very easiest one.

You can select different platform to check focus word searching on different platform like Google, YouTube Amazon etc. you can copy all the suggested word and can store on your laptop to check later one by one. Very awesome features.

These are best keyword research tool 2018 but in addition I will share with you in following links.

  1. Moz’s Keyword Explorer
  2. Wordtracker Scout
  3. Soovle
  4. SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. WordStream Free Keyword Tool
  7. IMforSMB Bulk

To understand Keyword research tool in Video tutorials 2018

This tutorials is not in urdu or hindi language but very soon i will add a Urdu video tutorial for you guys.

If you don’t understand above discussion, then you can watch these video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi languages which will help you to understand better.

If you have any question relative to this keyword research tool or any kind of SEO problems then share with me I will help you as possible.

I think you will have learnt from here, if you understood that it is best one article then share with your friends to social sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus etc.

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