Image Optimization in urdu

SEO Image Optimization in Blogger Blog in Urdu Video

SEO Image Optimization in Blogger Blog in Urdu & Hindi Video tutorials

SEO is stand for search engine optimization we can define it in one line that it is the technique to get real traffic from search engine. So as you are seeing that our topic is to image optimization, we want to improve images which we use in article which are very important to insert. If we insert image using SEO tips and techniques then we can get more benefit of it, otherwise it have no benefit I think.

SEO Image Optimization IN URDU

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Below this paragraph there are some important links for you if you have interest to learn Blogging so I have a great course for Blogger.  You have to click below link you will be redirect to new page within this website, in that article you will get complete blogger training course which contain 26 videos, it is not sufficient but also 15 videos are available on Blogger SEO in Urdu Video Tutorials which will be very great for those people whose want to learn in FREE  in professional way.

Blogger Tutorials Free

Blogger SEO Tutorials Free

In this article you will get an Urdu – Hindi video tutorial on this topic that how you can do image optimization properly following SEO rules regulations.



Keep in mind that SEO is the name of relevancy and take some time to make rank of website, blog or even images or videos in search engine. You cannot get result during that time when you are doing SEO.

So I am telling you some tips that will help you in image optimization in right way.

So let’s start to learn.

  • First of all you need to select relative image to your article or post
  • Select high quality image with JPG or PNG
  • If your article is about 500 words then it should contain 3 images. (top, middle and bottom)
  • When you inserting image at top then must add after 5 or 6 lines of the article
  • When insert image at bottom then must insert before 5 or 6 lines of the paragraphs
  • Very important to add alt attribute to image tag because it is very important to image optimization and good SEO tips.

When user move curser and hover to the object or image then it display the title which you give in title attribute so must include your SEO target keyword in title attribute.

So here, I included video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi which will help you to understanding in image optimization with best SEO tips also video optimization, after watching this video tutorial you will be able to optimizing image in blogger blog post in right way.

SEO image optimization in Blogger in Urdu / Hindi Video Tutorial

Very thanks to watch my Urdu video tutorial, now implement on your blog images you will get good response. Below this link here is another video tutorial in Urdu that how you can do SEO video to optimize in blogger blog so must watch. You can learn other blogging tips from this website.

SEO Video optimization in Hindi video Tutorials

If you want to learn complete blogger video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi language then I have complete course for you guys in free.


Give me feedback, after reading this article you have learnt, yet you have any question about this topic or another relative to Blogging or Blogger then give comment to below box.

Thanks advance to all friends

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