seo tutorials in urdu hindi

SEO Tutorials for Beginners 2018 in Hindi & Urdu

SEO Tutorials for Beginners 2018 in Hindi & Urdu

There are numbers of article which I have posted to this blog to understand that what is SEO? In this article I will share SEO video tutorials for beginners in Hindi & Urdu language to understand website optimization process or ranking process in search engine. I have uploaded to my YouTube channel SEO tutorials for beginners students to clear their basic concepts. In this article I will share some basic lesson but very important to you as beginners that  what is sitemap, robotst.txt file, blackHat and White hat ways to get traffic.

seo video tutorials in urdu


These lessons are important to learn if you want to learn SEO with video tutorials from my beginners classes. That is given below:

What is sitemap?

What is robots.txt file?

What is difference between nofollwo and dofollow backlinks

What are keywords & density, proximate and its prominence?

Before getting SEO video tutorials: Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Everything which you have, its own importance. I mean every your job have advantage and disadvantage. But you need to focus on both things. Question is rise in every one mind that why we use SEO and what is its key benefits.

These are the benefits which I am sharing with you, keep in your mind. It is not last words you need to further search on Google to find its further benefits.

When you open a new company or provide any kind of service then tell me what you do?  You do advertise for those products or service to peoples whose fond of that services or products.

SEO is the real and original way to do advertising of anything in real way. Because you can do advertising in wrong way which is called black hat techniques.

Your knowledge is so useful and peoples want to try to find your knowledge, if you do good SEO for your products then it will be best for your audience.

So here is SEO video tutorials for you guys to get full concept which is easy to you. This course will help you to understand that how you can get good rank in search engine.

So it is my advice to all, watch these SEO video tutorials step by step and I gave different examples so keep attention to all lessons if you are serious to learn.

SEO Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi & Urdu

These Urdu & Hindi video tutorials are basic part of complete SEO tutorials series, so I will share a complete playlist when I finished this course.

These are the SEO video tutorials outlines which are free of cost provided to beginners students.

  1. What is search engine optimization and why we need of it

  2. Basic History

  3. SEO terms like rank, nofollow vs dofollow, sitemap, robots.txt file, how search engine work

  4. White hat and black hat

  5. Onpage vs offpage

  6. What are Keywords?

  7. Keywords density, proximity, prominence

  8. Best Keywords research tools

  9. Submit sitemap to Google and Bing

  10. What are backlinks?

  11. How to create backlinks,

  12. And much more

At the end, I want to share some point related to IT fields which are very important to everyone.

If you want to join this field then make thought, that you will have to do hard work.

Then you will be need to learn more and more.

Everyday there is updating on internet content in article or post etc. so attach to internet and check interested field content to check new post or updating.

Other tip is that, you need to follow any expert which is relative to your IT field.

I have completed this article, I sure that you have read all the article top to bottom, if you did not read then read it, if you want to learn. if did not want to learn or not interested then share this lesson to your those guys whose interested to this field.

Now you can get complete videos from YouTube direct get SEO tutorials for beginners students


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If you have any question about search engine optimization process or about such field then share to me I will fully try to solve your problems or question.

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