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How to Do SEO for website step by step in Urdu Video tutorials

How to do SEO for website step by step in Urdu Video tutorials

In this post you will learn basic and important guidance on strategy to get rank in search engine. Learn that how to do SEO for website with step by step guide with video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. There are many articles and lessons are available on the internet. You can search on Google search to get more information about this article is also best for you as SEO beginners students.

doing seo for website


Are you wanted to do SEO for website step by step? If yes then you need to read this article to start to end. Because it contain those tips and tricks which are useful to get rank or for website optimization.

How to do SEO for website with complete guide

First of all when you think about ranking for a website, you should have site so think about domain name, which should be best or not?

When you selected domain name should contain focus keyword in your domain name, it is the best factor to get first search engine rank page.

There are many hosting company on the internet but you have to choose best company, so you can read this complete article on this topic, which will help you to understand better.

Guide on domain name and hosting

After purchasing hosting and domain name then install any CMS system like WordPress if you don’t know that how to work on WordPress and how to do SEO for website in WordPress CMS system then click below links to get free lessons.

Learn complete WP

So you have to choose best and SEO optimized title, description and keywords which are top ranked.

Don’t try to copy content from other famous website which is the illegal way, which can harm your new website so upload fresh content to website.

It is the illegal way to get visitors or traffic to new blog or site so you need to get traffic from search engine with real and organic ways that is we used a phrase that follow white hat.

So don’t try to do blackhat SEO

Sitemap is the whole map for your site which is very necessary to inform Google webmaster tool or other search engine also. After submitting sitemap. A  crawler or bots come to site pages and crawl then index to their database to retrieve result when required. So create sitemap and summit to Google webmaster to yahoo Bing webmaster tool

If you want to give some instructing to search engine crawler or bots then create a simple notepad txt file in which you will mentioned your need that which page you want to index and which page you did not want to index then bots will follow your these instruction. Create robots.txt file to give instruction to spider

Create social website accounts to develop a community relative to your site niche

There are two parts of website optimization or to get good performance which is on page and other is off page. Both are very important to do. So on page is 30% and off page is 70% which is very best.

After doing all, now do offpage optimization

In offpage you havt to do SEO for your new website with creating different backlinks. If you don’t know that what is backlink then I will share a complete lesson on this topic. Now learn simply, it is the links of your site which exist on other website pages. Doing this, visitor come to your site from other site.

It is very easy to saying and asking that how to do SEO for website step by step. But difficult to do practical work but ultimately it become easy to you when you take it serious and try to achieve your target goal.

Every webmaster want to get top rank that is why he / she try to upload relevant content because ranking can be achieved by relevance content, irrelevant content can put a bad effect on your search engine ranking process.

Learn SEO with complete video tutorials that how you can do SEO for your new website or blog step by step guide with examples

Watch video tutorial which can help you to understand search engine optimization process. That is discussed in this video tutorial. if you have any question then please share your question to below comment box.

Watch another video tutorial to get further knowledge to get extra SEO tips and trick to learn that how to get top rank in google.


Google search engine result page is very important.  Every want to get his / her website position on first page with first number. It is possible but your website performance should be fast.

Learn Blogger complete SEO video tutorials in urdu & hindi

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