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How to Upload Blogger Template-Urdu Video Tutorials

How to Upload Blogger Template in Urdu Video Tutorial

Very first time when you create a blog, by default it has a theme which is very simple and old one. But we need to upload Blogger template which should be best for user and search engine. After uploading blogger template we will be able to customize it as we want to do, you will be able to edit blogger template, also you can edit template layout. In this post you will get three videos about this topic, watching that video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi languages you will get more knowledge.

upload Blogger template urdu tutorials


If you want to learn with my complete Blogging tutorials in Urdu & Hindi then i am providing free of cost to my students.

Here is link for that course.

Blogger Tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

Below link will help to understand your visitors for your blog. you can explore your visitors.

Learn to adding flag counter to your blogger

There are other important points i will shear with you in video tutorials below the article.

First of all think that what is your blog type? Is it personal? Is it news site or educational? Fashion blog etc?

I mean first you will think that what is kind of your blog for which you are finding theme. Then go to Google search engine and type

“Top blogger templates“after pressing search button you will get bundle of theme .

Just choose which you want to set on your blog. You can directly download or can see demo for that template. When downloading is complete then go to that folder where your file is saved then extract file. In that extract file you will find a file with .xml extension, which is very important.  Basically this is your template file which you want to upload.

Then open your blogger dashboard=>theme section then click on restore/backup option.   upload blogger template urdu tutorials You will get a page where you need to open that .xml file from your computer then click on upload. When you receive a message that your theme is successfully uploaded then view blog and refresh the page you will get new blogger template. Learn more about Blogging tips.

These are the good lessons which are very important to learn for you!

How to add facebook follow button to blogger

How to add twitter follow button to blogger

When you go to search engine like google and want to get best theme for you website, keep in mind that there are some important points which should have your theme.

These are the points which are best for any theme.

  1. SEO friendly
  2. Responsive
  3. Adsense Ready
  4. Free or Paid

If you could not understand then watch these video tutorials which are very helpful for you guys.

How to download / upload Blogger Template by Urdu Video Tutorials

Thanks you guys!

I sure, you have watched my tutorials and got knowledge, now next job is come to you is that, you need to shear with your friends whose relative to this fields and shear to social media.

Now implements all these blogging tips on your blog and get positive result.

Thanks everybody to read this article. If you have any relative question then shear with me.

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