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Learn to Web search engine and its Working by Urdu Tutorials

What is Web Search Engine and How it Works step by step by Urdu Video Tutorials

This article is the part of SEO course in Urdu & Hindi, as i have told to you but here is great opportunity to learn in another post. Web search engine are those websites on which user or people search their required information and that website give relative result when user put any phrases or specific keyword. Notice that here you will learn with Urdu video tutorial which is given in this post so must watch if you are really want to learn so let’s go to topic.

Search engine urdu hindi

So It is very amazing and helpful platform which use to get anything which required to peoples.

There are many web search engines like Google, Yahoo & bing, AOL but Google is the most popular and most used in the world approximately 80%.

Keep in mind that each search engine have own webmaster tool which give the info about each website to its owner giving information about its indexing of pages, website linking, visitor information and more much. I will try to explain it with very easy way as possible to me as I have little knowledge.

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Best Teacher is Web Search Engine

You are thinking that how it may a teacher because it is not person but I telling to you  website search engine is a best teacher to learn anything but there should have knowledge of its language as commonly use English. In back some years. It was very difficult to learn anything mostly for those who are poor in taking admission in any institute to learn particular field related to computer or other.

But now a day very great change occur this period gave us a big opportunity to us to learn any topic although very difficult because there are many free courses are available in internet, so using web search engine we can reach to our require destination .

When you have any problems, issues, question, confusion in study then without fear and doubt go to internet open web search engine like Google write your query which is called a word keyword in SEO.  So doing this sure that, you will get thousand result which will be related to your topic that is why it is the best teacher to solve any problems.

How search engine work?

When you open the website search engine and want to put any specific keyword related to your topic then thousand number of result will came to display on the browser. Here, this is your choice to select any best result which is very near to your topic. You may think that how it work and from where it bring the result to us?? Very important and thinkable question which I going to teach you, so let’s go.

when you get number of result putting one keyword, it passes many process then reach to you on your browser display I will define each step which are given below

Following are the steps which followed by search engine. Read these points and clear your basic concept.

Crawling the pages:

Basically crawler is not any website name or other things these are software or special program of a search engine. Googlebot is the spider name of Google which work of reading different pages and check their low and high quality it can ignore the low quality pages due to Panda Matt cuts guideline.

Indexing the pages:

When crawler read out the source code of website then it store into the local server that server called indexer, in the indexer pages are index when any user require then search engine sees the result from its indexing pages. Indexer arrange the pages according to their categories, then analyze the result which searched by the crawler then indexer store it into the main server or a huge database, where multiple pages are indexed.

Processing :

when indexer get any request from user to get any page , it means when user enter a keyword to search box then it start processing. It match your keyword with all those page which are already indexed to their huge data base this is called a processing stage.

Retrieving Result to Screen:

It is the last process when search engine complete it’s processing and matching the pages with keyword then it show to your screen all matched result. This result may in thousand pages or hundred depend upon your keyword that is famous or not.

How Web Search Engine Work by Urdu Video Tutorials

if you find this tutorials in another language then be patient, i will add a Urdu video tutorials for you guys.

So I hope that you  have learnt much knowledge from this article which have great information related to basic internet learner students. So take care and don’t leave the study and don’t waste your time.

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