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What is on page SEO Factors 2018 to increase website performance?

What is on page SEO Factors 2018 to increase website performance?

Search engine optimization is the free techniques to increase website performance. In this post I will tell on page SEO factors which are very important to understand for SEO beginners students, And it also need to differentiate from off page SEO. Both are very important to each other but focus on both to make good rank in search engine.

On website you check many factors like your domain name, website layout, title or description etc these all things are related to on page.

on page seo factors in hindi



Today Google worker become advance which means you have to need to become also advance. If you search on internet to find best way to rank your website or how to increase daily traffic to new website or new blog then you will find some factors which will be similar to these which I am sharing with you because I have searched on interment, after learning I am teaching to you.

I have experience in these techniques. These SEO on page factors can increase website performance and can help search engine that confirm your content, post, article or media etc.

Because search engine don’t know what is your content about, so you need to do SEO for your website in such way that search engine spider or bots could confirm your website posting or content.

And then search engine crawler indexes your quality content to their database.

Guide to follow on page SEO techniques and tips

So here is video tutorial which is related to this topic, that which factor are important to under work which increase your on page SEO. Watch this video tutorial and share to other social media sites. Because it can help other guys by your hands so don’t stop this kind for your friends.

Following are best SEO on page factors which Google consider to make rank

#1: Domain name and hosing

There are many factors which can help bots or spider to satisfy that this website have good SEO. One of them there is domain name and hosting also matter. Because these are fundamental block for any website which are necessary to have, so must give attention here.

You domain must include target keyword

Your web hosting company must have two basic points which are to have uptime 99.99% and good customer support. So be careful to purchase domain and web hosting.

#2: Website layout

Mostly users when visit any site, they check website layout and its beauty also. Because when site is so simple then it will be more attractive to user and to search engine because search engine bots unable to crawl complicated layout website or bad layout.


So here, I shared bad site layout structure, in which user unable to jumps other page which he / she want to go or unable to find require information so user come back to other site that is why bad layout site have high bounce rate which is bad in SEO point of view.

onpage seo factors in hindi



#3: Meta title & post title

Your site have title which define your content in single line or sentence in which you have to clear content definition and must include focus keyword and LSI keywords.

SEO title must have 50 characters because search engine show only short title from database to SERP.

#4: Meta description & post description

Description is also matter and on onpage factor. It contains 230 characters in which you need to mention a brief definition with inclusion of focus keywords and relative keywords which can help the search engine to understand better.

#5: Permalinks

Permalinks are good way to include SEO keyword to increase on page performance. So must give attention to this factor. It should not be more than 4 words according to expert search engine optimization.

Here are some examples of permalinks which are awesome to confirm bots that it is quality one content.

seo permalinks

So it is the permalinks which should include focus keyword

#6: Include good quality image

Image can increase blog post rank in Google or other search engine. Mostly people search image in Google image section.

When you think to insert image then must include keyword in alt attribute which is great SEO onpage factor.

Her is complete guide that how to optimize image in article properly

#7: Insert video to article

Then other factors is come to insert video tutorials on your article which put great impression on users. So first of all you need to insert video on YouTube first then embed on post.

To inserting video in your article have two benefits

One is that there will be increase website performance and ranking

There will be increase numbers of view on YouTube

#8: Focus on keywords

It is very best factor or techniques which increase site on page progress. So take it serious. First of all think about your site keywords then focus on them.

It is very sensitive one to use keywords because when you use keyword in very short time then it will be bad one or when you use more time of keywords or repeat again and again your focus keyword then it also bad SEO practice. But what you need to do and which amount of keywords is best to use. Here is complete guide on this topic

Keywords in SEO

Keyword density, keyword proximate and prominence 

#9: Website speed up

Google check 200 SEO factors in which you will find that there should be sped up for your site. Mostly users ignore that site which is speed down.

There are many ways using that you can increase site speed

If your site is on WordPress then use of best Plugins which increase WordPress site speed up.

First of all check site performance using these online tools


Google insite page speed

#10: Use of paragraph and headings

Paragraph tags are HTML tags which are used to insert paragraph. It is represented by this tag

<p></p> and Heading tag are represented by <h1></h1> to <h6></h6> depend upon font size, largest heading h1.

So my aim is that you have to use these tags to insert paragraph and heading which are necessary to do because search engine give important when we use HTML tags because search engine understand tags.

It can increase website on page search engine optimization and good performance.

#11: Make sure use of bold and italic

When you write article, there will be you need to bold or italic any text. You have to bold or italic your focus keywords. It is also best one tip to increase site SEO performance in search engine.

#12: Correct grammar and misspell word

It is last factor in this lesson that your article should be in English language. But keep in mind that English is not easy to write because there will be some mistakes in your grammar and spelling.

Search engine crawler read site content and can understand English language with proper grammar with proper spelling so give attention to correct grammatically errors and spellings.

These are the SEO on page factor which can help you to get more traffic or to increase website rank in search engine. I think this lesson is best for you and also for other beginner’s student if you also satisfy to this post then must share to social media website.

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