wordpress security in urdu hindi

WordPress Security in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials

Complete Guide on WordPress Security in Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials

Why your website hacked? Its answer is that you are great one and you have golden content that is why people want to steal your data, doing illegal way. That is why WordPress security is very necessary to do. It is free video tutorials series in Urdu and Hindi languages for you to learn in right way. According to my opinion you will get more info and best WordPress security tips from this article. If you want to make secure WordPress website then continue to reading.

wordpress security in urdu hindi

Very important to learn if you are beginner:

Complete training on WordPress in Urdu & Hindi tutorials.


Why WordPress security is very Important to do!

Question is very important, when you create a WordPress website you spent time in building a site after doing this you upload content and write articles for your new site and then you do SEO for new site. After passing all these steps you get traffic from search engine or any other source, so think here? Are you ready to give this site to your enemy in free although your site is not making money.

Never, you did not want to do this, other hand, when you create a site for colleges, universities or any other governments company or local so here you have to make a secure environments because that kind of site have sensitive information about students , teachers etc so here you need to make secure wp website that is why WordPress security is very must to apply.

How to Secure WP website?

Following you can check Best WordPress security plugin

  1. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  2. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  3. Wordfence Security
  4. Sucuri Security
  5. WP Antivirus Site Protection

Some WordPress Security Tips in 2017 To 18

  1. WordPress security best practices is to secure and choose strong wp password to login to dashboard.
  2. Wp login password should contain alpha letters, digits and special characters.
  3. You need to change default username and password which is admin and pass. Every one know this username and password that is very you have to select strong password include uppercase letters, lowercase, numbers and also special characters.
  4. We all know that when we need to login we give username and password but you can use email address instead of username which is very best practices to do protection from brute force hackers.
  5. When we want to login then we type after site address is wpadmin or wp-login.php then you get page where you need to put login detail but here is very weak point because every one know your site login URL which is wp-admin or wp-loding.php, here you need to make custom URL for login which is very best practices. But how you can make custom URL just installed this WordPress security plugin and make secure URL to access login page.
  6. It  is also best WordPress security tips that you need to change wp database table prefix which is wp-table name by default.
  7. It is true that you are doing hard work to secure WordPress website but yet, you also need to make wp backup regularly which very best practices because when your site hacked by anyway, you can restore you wp site.
  8. So make wp backup regularly using best WordPress Plugins.
  9. Like choosing strong password for wp dashboard you also need to choose strong password for wp database.

Also learn if you want to become wp Expert!

How to upload wp theme 

How to install wp on localhost

What is content management system

And much more you will learn from video tutorials which is included in this article for you!

Also Best WordPress security tip for serious users

if you could not find video tutorials for prevent spamming in wp then wait i will add for you!

WordPress Security Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi video

(This video tutorials is not in Urdu or Hindi language but very best for you in order to get knowledge of WP security tips, very soon i will add Urdu Video Tutorials for you)

If you are serious and want to learn that  how to secure WordPress website then watch these video tutorials it will be best for you.

If you want to get more wp tutorials videos then subscribe this YouTube channel, also you can complete courses in free.

I hope you have read compete article and got knowledge.  If you have any question then put your question  below the comment box.

What you learnt from this article or form video tutorials?

Have you already WordPress website?

If yes, then apply all these wp security tips to make secure website.

Is it best one tutorials about WordPress security?

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