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Complete WordPress tutorials in Urdu & Hindi Videos

New WordPress Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi Complete Video Training Course 

Do you know that what is CMS System? If you don’t know then don’t worry!, as you know that I have sheared you a complete new interface blogger video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi, but now I will shear complete WordPress tutorials in Urdu Hindi video training. So WordPress is the content management system (CMS) in which you can publish your post, editing your content, delete and updating content, which is very easy to do. WordPress is the CMS platform like other it is the open source in which you can use it without purchasing software or taking permission from its developer etc.

wordpress video tutorials urdu


WordPress is based on PHP and MYSQL. If you don’t know PHP and MySQL then don’t need to learn first if you are beginner but very good if you have knowledge of PHP programming language.

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Learn Blogger SEO in Urdu tutorials

About Plugins in this WordPress Video Tutorials

Plugins are the extra features and functionality which increase the functionally for a WP website.

Mostly we use PHP programming language to develop Plugins and used other programming or designing languages also.

wordpress plugins in urdu hindi

In this complete video course you will learn about WP Plugins that how you can install WP Plugins, active, deactivate delete etc.

You will learn best WordPress Plugins in these Urdu video tutorials which everyone should know.

About Theme in this WordPress Tutorials

Themes are the look of a website, without theme you cannot access a website. First of all when you install WP on your new domain name then automatically a default theme is active on your domain but you can change it later. As you know that there are bundle of themes are available in the online market it may paid or free of cost. Like other platform WP has also paid and free theme which are available in the internet you can easily download or purchase.

If you want to create a simple theme using HTML and CSS then click on the give link. Web designing with HTML and CSS

Complete WordPress Video Tutorials Outline Which you will Learn in the Training Course

  1. Introduction to WordPress video tutorials course
  2. What is CMS system,
  3. Introduction to WP & download
  4. How to Install WordPress on local server
  5. Discuss on dashboard
  6. First post in WP website
  7. Categories vs slug
  8. Pages
  10. Themes, How to install WP theme, Customization WP theme
  11. Widgets, most popular widgets and important WP widgets
  12. Plugins, most popular and important WP Plugins
  13. Create menu for your website
  14. User section (complete user profile, add new user, Role for user much more)
  15. Import and export tools
  16. To do Setting (Permalinks General Discussion Reading, much more)
  17. Create complete WordPress Website

These are the outline which you will learn from this complete course so below this paragraph you will get a complete playlist, so must watch videos step by step; surely you will get complete lessons.

Complete WordPress Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi video

Thanks to watch complete video tutorials. Learn to creating website with WordPress which is the great skill. You have to practice with doing this. After learning WP, you will be able to work online on the internet. You can get job from the internet which is very easy to do. If you think, it is the great opportunity for everyone peoples. In the whole, peoples learn any best skill and then they start to earn money and start their business. So it is the great tips fro your, if you give attention.

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