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Increase YouTube Adsense Earning by Urdu Tutorials

Improve you’re YouTube Adsense Earning

Hi guys! Very lucky day for you because I telling you that what factor which help in increase your monthly Adsense Earning with YouTube. Every one want to work with Google Adsense with earning aims, but their earning is not more than some dollars, but it is also true that every one want to increase Earnings which he/she earn through any source as Adsense but he have no idea to increase Earnings with easily tips, not doing big work.


adsense earning increase

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Some people in the world want to earn with YouTube but they have no profitable idea or correct guideline. So keep in mind and believe that you can make money when you make an idea to work on internet, I have already a post about how to make money with YouTube in Pakistan but today I teach you how to increase your monthly Adsense Earning on YouTube.

There are some tips are given below which are very helpful working with YouTube. I advise you to, when you try to work then take it serious and heartily perform.

Channel Setting

I believe that you want to Increase Your YouTube Adsense Earning  account, so keep reading, very first step to creating your channel after doing it, came a number of its setting, mostly people did not pay attention to its setting and many user not take interest with your channel and go to other due to this, their YouTube earning with Adsense will go on decreases. I want to tell you make an attractive setting which coerce to user to subscribe channel because with few subscriber you cannot take part and did not work with YouTube properly. There are some steps to make an attractive YouTube channel which are given.


Adsense Earnings on YouTube

YouTube Channel Name

Select a channel name which should be unique and popular name related to your content and your aims. If you want to does serious work then check your channel name searches using Google keyword planner. If your channel name is not popular then you are in warm water. Working with your company then create a channel with your company name otherwise you can create channel with own name. If you want to quickly increase your income then must work hard and more searchable keyword use.

Channel Description

Represent himself like a professional worker then user will attract on seeing your channel. Description must contain approximately 200 words which contain your channel content information. Description must be contains some keyword which are related to content due to SEO ranking reason

Channel Logo

Other best way to improve earning at Adsense then create a logo for your channel which coerce to people due to this they will stay on channel and will subscribe. Because doing nothing you cannot achieve anything. Your work should be like cooly not an officer it means became a hard worker not workless.

Channel Art

Channel art is like your background image or cover. It should be attractive one, if you know to use Photoshop then you can create a good channel art, it size is 2560*1440.

Social Link

Not easy to increase monthly income without doing nothing, it is manner of people like also I, which give all time social network with friends so they also try to find that peoples which are mostly popular and any other, so giving Social link in channel setting is very important for making people friendly setting, because it help the people to reach your other platform profile. Some people like their favorite social network then they wants to also fined you at that social network, then make account in social network which are mostly used like facebook, twitter, Google+, Pintrest and give the link into your YouTube channel description also , which increase your Good personality.

Make Habit of Regularly

Don’t forget this habit in every field because small work but should be regularly, If you want to upload video but daily base which increase your rank due to this your subscribers also happy with you and wait for your video.

Select good CPC Keyword

CPC means cast per click which is related to keywords, do you know your keyword CPC?? If you don’t know, don’t worry to see you’re less earning because, your CPC is very low, one reason in decreasing your income is the low CPC of keywords, mostly people without finding high CPC they upload their video, actually CPC is the money which you receive on valid click by user, it may less or more depend upon keyword. Cost per click increase your video SEO ranking also. When your CPC is low and when you select your high cost per click keyword then your monthly Earnings will be increase in Adsense account with time to time

Improve Adsense Earning working on videos

Use of Watermark

Watermark is the logo which show on the right bottom corner when your video playing live on YouTube, when user near mouse to that watermark then it show a subscribe button to subscribe your channel, so due to this subscribe go on increasing due to this increase will be earning.

Use Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the image which show to user before playing the video online. Your video thumbnails should be attractive and related to your content because it put very attractive affect to user. It coerce to people to see video, some people want to use unrelated thumbnails which is not relation to your content so don’t use this way to get more views.

Make Intro

Earning speed is very slow but don’t know that how to speed it? one way is also matter that is represent himself a professional worker, one of them to make an intro for videos, it shows that your content have a great knowledge, intro define your company, your aims and purpose before starting original video. Mostly user takes very interesting to it. If you watch my Urdu video tutorials you will find without intro but I will create a attractive intro with next courses

Shear to Social Network

Every man use their favorite social network they did not want to spend their time on YouTube but you should to create account on famous social network and shear your video so here you will get more views from outside which is responsible for increasing Earnings on YouTube with Adsense.

Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

How to increase your Adsense earning? Earning is the food of every people living in the world, it is like fruitful question but its solution take very long time and hard work but don’t worry and not leave your path. If you have 100k subscribers then you are lucky one, if your subscribers near 50K then your monthly income with Adsense may increase without doubt. There are many way to increase subscribe which are paid and unpaid, but don’t try to get subscriber via paid way because it is against Google Adsense rule. Increase your subscribers by making a good quality content.

Number of Views

I believe that, not need to define this point, you will have already understand to this point because I have told you all about how to increase monthly Earnings with YouTube at Adsense account, If your audiences are living in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh then you will get one dollar on 1k views if your audiences living in UK or other country then you can get five or more than five dollar on same views.

Good Searching

Good try to find that factor which improve earning with Adsense  all above are very near to your success but this is the king point from all, I suggest to you all guys that must check and examine other competitor which is your against, checking it, you can make a idea or mind thoughts that how should to do work in combination, because now day every one want to compete other person.

so point which I want to convey that is to make a good searching related to niche and selective topic using different method like Google keyword tool, not idea to of keyword tool, after Adsense! Soon I will write article in this topic.

At the ending of this article I will requesting to all friend that must pray for me that God give me more info and knowledge to write such kind of article which is the responsible in success for all.

Adsense earning on YouTube is not great issue with some dollars because at the staring your videos, views, subscribers are very some in number so with this reason your account show only some dollar in points. Have you any question??? Comments in below box to ask relative to topic.

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